Here’s something strange, got quite a bit of rain today and while it was raining with temp of 70F the %weathercond% was reporting snow. Do I need to check a different box or something or does it sound like a bug? It never did this before.

Also I recently reformatted my machine and need a new code but have tried to e-mail Brian with no avail, usually he’s real good about returning e-mails, is he on vacation or something?

I don’t know if that tag works in conjuntion with the snow icon temp setting in the summary setup, but it might be something to try. Try setting it at 2*C or higher? As for Windy, here’s a quote from another thread:

Windy wrote:
hope you guys dont mind me taking a break form the forum for a bit…as i want to finish some projexts in wd
Read the thread at:http://weather-watch.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=15652#15652

I’ll give that a shot, I appreciate the help, I bet you’re right cause it was set for 50c which is obviously waaaaay to high. Still tried to email brian with no avail, maybe he’s taking a break altogether, but I do still see regular wd updates… hmm

I should clarify, that you only want to change the “Snow Icon Temperature” setting (to about 2C or more), not the “Snow Melt Threshold”. You should leave the “Snow Melt Threshold” setting as is, i.e 50C. Lower settings on the “Snow Melt Threshold”, can cause some rain reports to read as “Snow Melt”, instead of rain. BTW…the “Snow Melt Threshold” works the opposite of how it appears it should. Hence, 50C* shuts it off, and keeps all rain gauge reports as “rain”.

is it ok now after seting the snow icon thrshold to 2 and the snow melt icon threshold to 50?
well, i have not received it i think…i reply to all emails…
maybe its got lost with the virus going around
post the code here or use the private message facility on the forum

i have been taking a break from the forum while i worked on some major things in wd (like the custom screen)