Rainfall totals Graph shows 0

Running 9.92c, seem to have found the same problem as exists in the archive, which didn’t seem to be resolved, so I wanted to do a sanity check here.
Rainfall annual total shows 22.1mm (since July this year).
Double click to look at the “Rain to date” charts NOTHING in there.
And yet the last 7 days shows values, but moving the mouse over the graphs show “0” value. Not had any crashes just updated to the latest and greatest on a regular basis.

Windy commented
“ok, check the log files
and the month and year rain columns for the last readings there, and then you can set the new start values under setup, barometer offset and rianfall”
By doing so won’t that only begin correction from today, and not provide monthly correctly pre to today?
Is it me, or is it a bug?
(Still learning my way around this great program) :smiley:

Here to,
having problem again with rain graph, we hat 244mm rain last month, on the 1st the graph reset back to 0.

Seems to be fixed in 9.92d, once I’d set the value for previous months.
Current months look to be logging.

Thanks Brian, keep up the good work on a great program.