Rainfall not recording correctly

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

The rainfall gauge on my vp2 seems to work correctly as evidenced by the 24 hr rain amount being accurate on the console. But the rain gauge on WD is wildly off. the rain sensor will click once - causing the machine to read 0.01" of rain, but WD reads this as a much higher amount.

I think what is happening is it is extrapolating on its own (ie, it says that the rainfall ‘rate’ is 0.5 per hour because of the one click of the rain sensor) and telling the WD that it is raining for 1 hour at that rate.

For example, the rain chart shows that on 3/20 I got 2.9 " of rain, when all that really happened was a bunch of snow (not nearly enough to fill 1/3 of the rain bucket on the VP2) melted in to about .5" or thereabouts of water.

Does my explanation make any sense?

my data is on wunderground at kaksewar5 in Seward Alaska (Nash Woods) if you’d like to see.

Thanks for anyone’s help!

What version and build of WD are you running?

make sure you have selected the correct rain gauge type in the weather station type setup (.01 inch or .1 inc or 0.2mm), and make sure that the last one you click on is the one needed

I am running Weather Display 10.37h build 01

The rainfall setting is in inches in the setup menu

The rain offset is set to 0 in the offset menu.
The ‘modified rain gauge new tip’ is listed as 1.0 mm (default? I guess)

The Station is listed correctly as a Davis VP2.
In the rainfall gauge area there are two boxes checked - 0.01 inch gauge and I just also checked “use Davis VP rain rate” after my initial post, so this may have been the issue.

Thanks for any advice…

Dave Paperman

I have been trying to set this correctly. It seems that the program is multiplying my rain rate by 10 when accumulating the total rain; Every time I return to the screen where I define my weather station hardware, I find the .10 button selected when I have de-selected it and selected the .01 button.

The rain rate is showing correct…

i am guesing you have davis vp ?
make sure that you untick the wrong rain gauge type setting first, and tick the correct one, last