Rainfall from Metar not working

Hi all,
I have an AAG 1-wire system with no rain bucket and am trying to get the rainfall from the metar at the Toronto Airport CYYZ.
At the moment, I am getting the Barometric Pressure and Humidity from this metar, but the rainfall won’t work. I get the rain icon from the metar, but no reading.
I have read all the associated threads, and checked all the setting, but no luck.
I am sending the info to WDL at this address:


Any suggestions / solutions would be great.

Not all METARs contain rainfall info. They should contain rain as a condition, but not the actual amount of rain that’s fallen. If you can give an example of a METAR that you think contains rain amounts, we can try to decipher it and see if the info is really there.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
The metar is CYYZ
It’s not raining now, but here is the current reading

METAR CYYZ 302200Z 30019G25KT 15SM BKN032 04/M04 A3000 RMK SC7 SLP165

and here is the link to weather underground


Weather Underground seems to pick up rainfall from the CYYZ metar

Hope this helps.


That particular Metar contains no rain specific information.

I would check it again when you know it is actively raining at your Metar Location and see what that shows.


Hi Bob,
Thanks for the great METAR decoder link. I looked up CYYZ on weatherunderground and found a metar reading when it was raining.
METAR CYYZ 291100Z 09013G18KT 4SM SHRA FEW016 OVC023 08/05 A2937 RMK SC2SC6 SLP947
The decoder says, Weather: Showers of Rain, so I figure the amounts are not recorded by the metar.
However, the amount is listed for that day at weatherunderground
Precipitation 0.59 in / 1.5 cm 2.51 in / 63.8 cm - ()
Is there any way I can get WD to see and import the amount without doing it manually? I am tired of seeing no rainfall amounts in WD.
Thanks for all your help.

I am not aware of a method for WD to grab current rainfall from WU but perhaps someone has written a script for that?

Good luck,