Rainfall Display- How do I reset it?

Hi, from a new user of the software & still setting up and testing.
I am running a LaCrosse W2310, and I notice that the rainfall display on the main display screen is not telling me the actual.
I reboot tonight and it has added 2.1mm today even though the sensor is not currently connected.
I have gone in and cleared the rainfalll areas but the main screen is still showing accumalated rainfall when there hasn’t been any.
Assistance pointers or “Doh” response appreciated.


Hi Q,

Try clicking on

Thanks did scan the “online help”, now after your suggestion I have managed to clear all but the last hour rainfall which still shows a value.
Odd with no sensor connected it would suggest this is a “noise” reading and not true data.
Having reset all the rain values it seems like I’ll have to live with this one.

Thanks for your guidance, I’m learning at a very fast rate here on this.

it does sound like spurious readings , without the gauge connected
let us know how it goes when you get it connected

Yep it must be as I noticed at reboot time the barometer also took a dive of over 10mb, so must be spurious, so that could be down to noise on the port I suppose, but the fact I can “adjust” it out, and be cognicent of it I think I can cope.
Hopefully once I go live, I don’t expect to reboot very often, I’m just running in “setup & test” mode right now.

you will need to set a barometer offset for the data extraction at start up from the ws2310
see under setup, data logger setup…

re the sun rise/set…email me your wdisplay.ini file, and i will check it out
(from c:\windows or c:\winnt)