Rainfall chart not updating

It appears that WD is no longer updating the rainfall chart daily. I have twice this month adjusted the rain chart entries in the .ini file, and again after the last small rain the chart shows 2.48 in while the main display reports 2.71 in. Problem began around the first of July based on the last automatic entry made.

I am running WD 9.84c on Win2k server.


is this the one under view, rain in detail, last 7 days?

That’s the one!

Yes, I noticed that too, so it is not me … for a change!

so what is going wrong exactly?
i.e the file is not beign create
not neing uploaded
or not being updated

Not updating. I shall investigate further and send you more information as exactly what, where and when is happening very soon.

It appears to me that you store the monthly rainfall chart data in the ini file under [rainfall chart] one entry per month. all past entries appear to be correct except for july 2003. The last auto update was for 1.05 inches which we got in the first few days of the month. It never updated as we got more rain durring the month. I simply assumed that you updated it daily - maybe that’s wrong.

I just checked it now and it shows an entry for Aug 2003 of 27, which in the chart comes out to about 0.1 inches. Unfortunately today is 1 Aug and it didn’t rain overnight, nor was there a heavy dew.

I had been manually updating the entries after each rain so I could make best use of the chart. As a result I cant tell now if you made am end of month entry for July.