Rainfall Amounts

Rain developed yesterday afternoon, and continued until earlier today. The Rainfall amount for Today shows 1.5 inches, which is in agreement with the VP’s Rain Storm Total. The Yesterday field is empty - as if it didn’t rain yesterday… Is today’s figure really the storm total?

Also, under extreme conditions, the maximum rain amount has a value in it, and shows a time of 2:36pm except it was not raining then… (Yesterday, at 2:36pm it was raining…)


no, its not the storm total
wd keeps its rain total separate from the vp, so that you can have different rain reset times (some use 4pm ,etc)
there is a storm rain, under view, vp extra sensors…

extreme rain:
the todays rain…if its still raining, and its a record dialy rain, then the time should be the time of the last increase in rain recorded…i.e when the rain stopped…yes?