Rain Totals: Which log do you hand edit?!?

Which log files do I hand edit to fix the rain values in the main screen rain bucket?

None I have tried seem to fix the bucket totals and neither does rebuilding the graph nor the action > correct rain totals.

Iroxdata likes to cycle over the same data and add rainfall when restarting WD. Of course I have a 8k version. Also, I’m using 37e build 13.

Today, I had a 0.26 rainfall, later rebooted my machine and then watched Iroxdata add the same 10 minutes of data over and over as it cycled past the found time and went back to position 1. It ended up adding more that an inch to my totals over 4 cycles before I finally killed it.


go to control panel, barometer offset and rainfall setup and set the correct rain totals there

to avoid that data recyle like that (which i will see if i can put in some flags to stop that), make sure the time and date on the irox console matches that of the pc

Control Panel - Offsets and Initial Rain

Use the “Adjust all rainfall totals” field and a negative number to remove, such as -0.10 make sure you Click “Set” and then Save…


OK I figured that out, however, it requires going over the logfiles to get the correct values, do the math and make the corrections. Somewhat inconvenient. In the case of the PC/Station time sync they are right on and have been, so I’m not sure what happened to IROXdata and the endless data cycle…

with the data extraction, ideally wd should have found the current data (time/date) and then stopped

i will add in a flag to check that it does not cycle over and over like that
(but we are visiting the wife side of the family at the moment (school holidays), and not able to get to faster internet until tomorrow, so will make that change then

Ah ha…some one else with the same problem, what I called a stutter. Yours added smaller increments and less of them. Mine added .380" of rain enought times to give me 8" extra and I have been unable to get this resolved. Fixing my logs didn’t resolve the problem as the error got added right back into my stats.

That tells me there are still IROX data problems and still no solution to resolve the extra 8" of error I have.

I see a fix is being made so it won’t loop the data, but that doesn’t help me since I already have the bad data and can’t seem to get rid of it. I wasn’t too happy to spend over 2 hours fixing my logs to have them become immediately corrupted again by “finding” the bad 8" and added it right back in on it’s own.


i replied to your problem in the thread you had started farmington weather
and the solution was posted
but I have posted the solution again, which should work OK, as long as it does done correctly
did you or do you get that looping back the begining and using the same data over again (becuase the currect time/date was not found (most likely will happen if you have the irox station only set to every 30 minute logging interval (default), instead of setting it to 5 minute logging interval in WD, in the data logger setup) Farmingtonweather ?
please see that thread

this .zip update has a flag to stop it looping around trying to find the latest data (will happen if you have station only set to every 30 minutes logging and you have restarted WD with a down time of less than 30 minutes, and which would result in rain being added that should not have been )

having trouble getting it uploaded from the Father inlaws (its school holidays here, we are visiting the inlaws , so we are on holiday for a few days (but I am taking time out to help you guys out) (I will let you know when i have got it uploaded)

got it uploaded
new .zip:

First, Thanks for your dedication!

My data logger has been set to q5m throughout so that shouldn’t be an issue. I have dl’d the zip and installed . Luckily, I have had a similar scenario again today. Got .03 rain and after the install and waiting a good 10 minutes restarted WD and watched Irox. Everything looks clean. No cycle etc. Thanks again for your diligence. Offer our apologies to your inlaws for taking time away from family.

Morning… I changed the datalogger to 5 minutes and I downloaded and installed the new WD. Thanks for that and I ditto the other guy. Thanks for your dedication to this while on holiday.

I will go back to the other message and retry the process you left. I think I did it already and it didn’t work as it added the 8" back in. Will take the time now and go through the process again and will report back on that message string.



Next question…

I corrected the data log, I brought back up WD, it once again added back in the bad rain data so I then went to the rain offsets page and entered -8.365 into both the monthly and annual totals to get the number back down to the right amount.

After doing that the WD console screen doesn’t show the corrected total, it still shows the incorrect values in the data log??

I even closed and re-opened WD and the console screen still showed the higher, incorrect values. Likewise, the web page still shows the additional incorrect total too.

I might be missing a step that actually corrects the incorrect data. I don’t know what else to change to get the rain numbers down to the correct amount?



After doing that the WD console screen doesn't show the corrected total
then you are doing something wrong with entering the correct totals in the barometer offset and rainfall setup page make sure you do not enter any units or spaces etc when doing the manual update and make sure you click on set then yes to save settings note, the value on the screen might not update until the next data update from the PC

i have answered your Q in your other thread on the same thing

Yes, I realized that…I put a screen cap on the other topic for you to review I am doing it right. You don’t need to respond here as we can discuss this on the other topic where I put the screen cap.

I would expect the console to update immediately and the web site to update the next time that screen is refreshed.



I have replied to your other thread
you have not been entering the rain totals in the barometer offset and rainfall setup correctly (see the reply in the other thread)
it would be good if you could keep to the same thread