Rain Totals being carried forward one day. Max Temp / Min Temp Error


I have had a problem on some occasions where the Rain Total for the previous day has been carried forward to the first record of the new day.

I have also had problems with the Max Temp always equaling the Current Temp ( Not the highest for the day ) on the main screen and on WDL web page.

The Minimum Temp for the daily extremes is also changing erratically.

I have attached a screen capture.

I was using build 66 yesterday. Same Problem with build 69

Thanks Andrew

With builds starting at 66 and up to the current 69 I have the same problem with daily max wind speed. After downloading the data at the start of the day the max wind speed problem appears (ie showing current wind speed). If stopping the program and then restarting the max max wind speed is OK, but the max max wind speed is only correct from this point on. The the max wind speed was higher from midnight to the point of restarting then it is lost. The same comments apply to the max gust for last hour.

The wind speed problem is still in build 71.

Build 71 HAS NOT Solved my errors. Still getting erratic MIN MAX TEMP Reading on WD Main Display and MY WDL Website.

I have fixed this problem now in build 74
problem only occured if the history data downloaded from the station went through the daily reset time
a quick restart of WD would then make it OK though
(once I knew that was the key I could duplicate and fix)

Thank you very much for help.

Build 74 has also fixed the wind max gust as well. Thanks

that would have been a similar error
(only happened if you were not running WD all the time and downloaded overnight data)