Rain to date chart

The rain to date (or 7 days rain) has a minor error. holding the mouse over one of the monthly rain bars gives a value labeled as inches, but is clearly in mm. For all except the current month, that is, which has the correct inch value.

No big deal, just thought you would like to know.


This has been broken for over a year. It would be nice to get this fixed.

try vers 9.15b
should fix this


That did it. But you might want to look at the bar for February. Looks like that one got handled twice somehow. The value here is about 1/2 of its neighbors, but length of the bar is way shorter (maybe 1/10).


there was 1 line of code i forgot to fix
the vers there now should be OK

Thank you sir.

Hi Brian,
It looks like the Oct monthly total is now correct using Groweather, but there is still a problem with the previous 9 months. Previously, I have had to reset each month because of the roll over problem, but that seems to be fixed now in v15.e. The new problem has to do with Jan through Sept. It looks like the original monthly total is divided by 25.4. For example: Jan total should be 3.0 in and v15.e shows the total as .118 in. Hope this helps.


Hi Brian

Just noticed that you have fixed the Rain to Date Chart so I am able to correct my Jan to Sept readings. :smiley: :smiley: Thank you so much. I also like that the readings fill the columns more. Using a larger scale of column area to actual rainfall has certainly improved my monthly rain display. One question; what is the maximum monthly value that the chart will register? It looks like about 10 inches or 250mm. Thanks again.

Andy Foppe

i do get there slowly
yes its 250mm