Rain stopped totalling when it reached 4.1 inches

Brian, Today we had 4.16 " of rain but the main display stopped updating at 4.10. The clientraw.txt file is still updating correctly or at least appears to be. We are expecting a who lot more rain tonight so I hope I do not miss the total. Just south of my house thay had over 7 inches of rain since yesterday morning. Tornados all around. Man is this a wild day here in norther Alabama. I’m amazed the power hasn’t gone off. Here’s a screen shot:

you have reached the upper limit of the bar indicator, thats all (i though it had it auto scaling), but that does not mean you wuill not record any more rain

i will check this out

i saw the news footage on the tornadoes…amazing…I would love to see one…

i just checked what i had
it is auto adjust, but i had not banked on over 100 mm in a day occuring very often (although i have recorded 150mm (6 inches) of rain here in 2.5 hours before :slight_smile:

Does this mean that the Rainfall Today figure also stops updating when the rain gauge fills up? In this example the Rainfall Today figure is stuck at 4.10", but 4.16" of rain actually fell.

Probably not a problem here though…four inches of rain in a day would be extemely unusual.

I am back from the weekend, but got some farm jobs to do today!
no, i dont or cant see that will happen…
i have fixed the vertical bar graph bug though