Rain shows up after update

I just attempted to update from WD1037h to WD1037Qb72 and when the program started after the update it showed 0.087" rain in the last hour and the same for the daily total that wasn’t there before the update. It’s not raining now and hasn’t rained for a couple of weeks and the rain collector isn’t being disturbed so as to cause a false reading. I reverted back to 1037h but the rain is still there. If I recall correctly I had a similar experience when I tried to update a couple of months ago. The rain collector kept either giving false readings and at other time WD just didn’t see it. I went back to 1037h then and the rain collector registered fine.

I’m running WINXP and have a Lacrosse 2010 station.

Thanks for any help.

there is debug info available
but only if you have not restarted WD
which you have…

Ooops! Once again, I jumped the gun.

Anyhow, thaks for the quick reply. As I said, I did revert back to 37h. Any advice for when I want to update next time?