Rain records reset

My rain records all reset somehow??? Anyone else?

I checked mine it is good here.

Mine hasn’t reset as such, but it definately doesn’t agree with my Vantage Pro console. Here is my data

Console Values:
Daily: 1.57in
Year: 8.12in

WD Values:
Daily: 0.86in
Month: 1.10in
Year: 7.36in

All three numbers are off by a different amount.

This is running 9.75a on Windows 2000, with a Davis Vantage Pro.

hi ted
i changed the rain to store the totals in the wdisplay.ini file
if there is any start up error, then it might miss loading them
then check back in the log file, to see the old totals, and reset under setup, barometer offset and rainfall
sorry about that
weather display stores its own rain totals separate from the station, so you have to set the starting totals first (using the offsets setup)

This installation of WD and the weather station were installed at the same time. As such, there should theoretically be no difference in the values on the console, and WD’s values. In fact, they have been running very close.

But, today we’ve actually had 1.57 inches of rain, as indicated on the VP console, but WD only shows 0.86 inches of rain for the day. WD was not connected to the console the entire time, but when it started up and downloaded data from the datalogger, shouldn’t it have caught up?

there seems to be a problem with wd getting data from the data logger…at start up…i.e it looks to be missing records (it might not start soon enough or something) or the rain in the record is stored differently than i expect or similar
its hard to debug without a VP…