Rain rate On Graph

Hi - Love Weather Display. The only thing that I’m a bit disapointed with is the rain rate on the graph.

Is there a reason why the graph can’t display the actual instantaneous rate as from the weather station - Davis Vantage Pro 2?

Years ago I was using Andy Keir’s FreeWX with a WX-980 (I think)

It did exactly what I’m after - showing instantaneous, accurate rates even in thunderstorms.



but the accumulated rain graph does show the rain rate, just in a different way
i.e by the steepness of the graph

I have had other people want this
I could have it plot both
i.e the rain in the minute (vertical line)

I think there is already an option for that in WD.
“Control panel”
“Graph setup”
“Extra options”
“Plot rain rate instead of rain total”

But the scale cant be set lower then 5mm.


I have the rate set on one of my stationless displays, however the calculation does seem accurate - and it is different to the rate displayed on the weather station. I know calculating rain rate is tricky - giving the resolution of the tipping bucket, and choosing over what what time frame the sample is taken over - one second, 1o seconds, etc. That’s why I think it would be great if the rain rate graph could be made to plot what the station is displaying, rather than recalculating it.

I’m a bit of a thunderstorm nut, and being able to record and plot on a graph that for 15 seconds the rain rate was 210 mm/hour kind of gets me going :slight_smile: Hah Hah

I know the steepness of the rain amount plot graphically illustrates the rate - and I suppose you could manually expand the X axis of the graph and work it out, but I like the idea of seeing the numbers too.

Similarly, it’d be great if the numeric rain rate showed what was on the station.

Minor issues - great application overall.

you can see the numbers
under view, real time graph
hold the left mouse button, move to the right, then release
and then the amount of rain in the graph period is shown (and you can zoom in on that graph too)