Rain rate always 0.000

I have never seen the maximum rain rate or the rain rate minute or hour numbers be anything but zero. Never changes from 0.000 that is. For example, yesterday close to an inch of rain fell, and approximately 3/4 of the rainfall occurred in about 30 to 40 minutes during a thunderstorm. The historical maximum data updates and the LED will flash if a new maxiumum rate occurs, but both secitons on the main screen rain rates just display 0.000 . The main screen cumulative rain last hour, today, yesterday, month to date and year to date work perfectly. Thanks for any assistance on correcting this issue.


  • Version of WD that you’re currently running ->>> 9.84c (but it never worked on the many prior versions I’ve used either)
  • Type of weather station, including any installed extra sensors ->>> Rainwise MKIII wireless with CC-2000 Computer Interface/logger into a regular serial port
  • PC operating system ->>> Windows XP Home Edition
  • PC spec (CPU speed, RAM, etc) ->>> Pentium 4 1.5 Gig 768 meg RAM
  • Anything unusual about your station configuration, e.g. WD is running on a USB serial port ->>> Nothing unusual about the setup here

it must be some code I have missed to hook into this with the rainwise station
i will look into this and report back (but its bed time here on this side of the world)

i have checked the code…in therory it should be OK
but check under setup, general and misc, use the wm98 rain rate is NOT ticked (it should be greyed out)
lets start there with that settting first :slight_smile:


Thank you for the prompt reply. I checked as requested and found that the wm98 rain rate was not ticked and taht it was indeed greyed out. So that is not the reason.