Rain Measurement Woes Continue

Brian, The last fix didn’t do the trick. WD is still blowing it when it comes to measuring the rain.

We just had a major downpour of about .25" inches of rain in less than one hour (on top of .10 fallen since midnight) and WD missed it completely. The program has been running uninterrupted for several hours now, since updating to the latest version.

The Vantage Pro console reports daily rain of 0.35"
WD reports daily rain of 0.21", which is the total is has been displaying for the past hour. It’s been pouring down for about 30 minutes but WD is displaying “Stopped Raining” on my website. I have Client/Server turned off, since that doesn’t work anyway.

I’ve shut down the station and will copy the log files for forensic purposes. I really had hoped that the client/server thing was the problem, but it doesn’t look like that was the real culprit.

This is really getting discouraging.


anyone else have this problem?
its seems to be very rare…

I have just logged on to the group to find out if anybody has haad this problem. I have a WM-918 and WD does not show the same amount as the console. Generally it does not show any, but sometimes it shows a lesser amount

for the wm918, you can set a modified rain guage tip number, under setup, barometer offsets and rainfall
the default is 1.0
if you have doubled the area of your rain guage, then set it to 0.5

so check this setting
and check if you have got a rain offset (%) set

otherwise the rain from a wm918 station is OK in WD