Rain Gauge type error

Investigating what appear to be excessive rainfall levels reported in WD 10.37d and then on my website via WD Live, I find that in Control Panel >Station Type & Settings, my station is correctly reported as a Davis VP2 but the Rain Gauge type, which is 0.01in, keeps resetting itself to 0.1in.

I have checked the station config in Weatherlink (I use the Weather Envoy data logger) and that shows the gauge as 0.01in.

Is there somewhere else that the rain gauge is configured?

How can I prevent this reset?

Is there any easy way to correct the recorded rainfall data ?

Thanks for all advice.


Make sure that the setting you want is the last one you select before hitting save. IIRC this is the trick to getting it to save the setting you want to use.

Thanks, Dan…done that, fingers crossed that it stays fixed now.

Any idea if I can correct the past data or do I have to start again?

(Very envious of your webcam, super images)


It is possible to correct past data. If you search the forum I know Brian has posted the correct procedure on how to do it.

Thanks for the nice comment on the webcam.