Rain gauge location guide?

Are there any guidelines about where to site a rain gauge? How far should it be from a building/wall/tree that might protect it from wind-blown rain? I know this will partly depend on the windspeed, but is there a distance that is likely to be OK in most circumstances?

Hi Chris,

You may like to take a look at this page:
Also, from the CWOP Quality Control Page at:
Lots of good information about Proper Siting of weather station equipment.

Have fun at your new location.

CaptDilli, thanks, that’s great information.

Thanks for the pointers, but they just confuse matters even more :?

Here’s a brief summary of some of the info I found about rain gauge siting…

USGS - No nearer than the height of the obstruction
NOAA - No further away than two times the height of the obstruction
EPA/AASC - No nearer than four times the height of the obstruction

One source said to place it as close to the ground as possible, but above the splash/snow height. This avoids problems with exposure to higher wind speeds at height. Another source said they’re often placed on 10m towers to get them clear of obstructions.

Looks like whatever I do will be right to some people and wrong to others 8O

LOL Chris, You’ve heard of the old saying…Please all, Please none? You can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself…(Sounds like an old tune I recall) I think the most logical choice is to look at your location and decide if something is going to block rain coming in or if something is going to funnel more rain in than what is already falling…ie wind, solid obstructions(walls) or reflective surfaces(splash back) …talk about confusing!

:slight_smile: Jon

I was going to do what pretty much what you’ve suggested, but then I thought that I should check best practice and see how close I could get to it :?

Ironically it rained this afternoon, so I didn’t have a chance to install the rain gauge.