Rain Funnels won't stick

I’m using 10.36m, and for some reason I can’t get rain funnels to stick on the weather dials page. They worked when I tried them several days ago.

I go to “Contol Panel”, “Colours”, “Weather Dials Screen”, check the “Show Rain Funnels” box, and click the “OK” box. If I go back to the Weather Dials Screen, the box is unchecked, and if I go to “View”, “Weather Dials”, I still have the bar style rain gauges.

Did I miss something?


its a bug I introduced after i tidied up that setup screen (resulting in some things not being set when you click on the OK button)
this zip update should fix that:
(unzip to where you have WD installed (exit WD first))


Thanks. It worked like a charm. Being a newbie, I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong or not.