Rain Detail [Work around - > convert logfile to data file]

Just noticed that rain days this month is ‘0’ even through wdisplay.ini shows it is set ?

See image attached.

Using 10.37 Build 28 GTK2 version


Could you check this please on your linux setup, as it may just be me that has the issue ??



Any luck on checking the raindetail (rain days this month) on linux setup ?


Does this forum really work if people read messages but can’t be bothered to reply to them ?!! I have noticed a few people on here lately complaining of the same thing.

It is even more dissapointing when you have paid a donation to use the software, and help towards future development ! I don’t feel I am asking for too much. As the linux version is still being developed, I am prepared to put up with the little quirks, but it would be nice to get a response when I find an issue to see if anyone else has noticed it.

If it is my setup that is in error then I can move on, but at the moment it would seem I am on my own.

I am only 1 person
I do try my best to try and please as many people as I can
if you are not happy and can not have some patience then I will refund your money (and the other people you say are complaining too)

I have checked on my Mac version and the rain days this month works fine
and the linux version uses the same code
check the threshold for couting rain days you have set in the setup, advanced/misc setup

Thank you for replying Brian. I do have patience and appreciate all the effort you put into this software. It just seemed like after 2 weeks of posting, it had got forgotton.

I don’t want a refund because I know that the linux version will only get better, so I want to stick with it. I will check my settings.

Thank you for checking this out for me.

did you get a chance to check those settings?
it should work OK
if not, .zip and email me your data file, month122009.inf and your settings files

Brian - I’ve checked the threshold for counting rain days and it is set to 5. I have tried changing it to 1 but no luck. Maybe I have a corrupted wdisplay.ini file ?

Can email settings files if you want ?

Brian - haven’t got round to mailing you those files yet, but will do later today. I have noticed that the tags for days with rain and days without rain are correct, so this must be a graphic problem with the jpegs ?

.zip and email me your data file
and your WDISPLAY.INI settings file and I will test here

zipped up files Brian and mailed to you.


there is something wrong with your month data file
sparse data
if your logfile, 122009lg.txt , contains good data (e.g every minute, etc)
then try, convert that logfile to data file

Thanks Brian. Worked a treat ! Will note that useful advice for future :slight_smile: