Rain and humidity

So, now that I have 4 temperature gauges, wind and wind speed on my AAG 1-wire…what’s the best approach for adding rain and humidity? I have read a number of forums on the ‘old’ dallas rain gauge, but also how they’ve be discontinued. What are the best alternatives? I would like to tap into everyone’s experience.

Here’s a good way to convert a Davis Rain guage to one wire:


I bought one of those kits last AAG order. I’ve found that the Davis gauge runs about $CAD 125 so it ain’t cheap, all done. The one from Fascintaing is about $US 40 but I’m not thrilled with its design. I’m seriously thinking about making my own from PVC. I only need the mag reed switch spec and I’m there.


Now that it’s spring I am more seriously looking at adding a rain gauge. What did you end up doing? AAG/Fascinating/DYI/other?

I am leaning towards getting the Fascinating gauge with the AAG board so that it integrates with the 1-wire and WD.

The dalsemi weather board has a very active topic on this as we write. Here are some responses:

Rainwise and Lacrosse rain gauges are both suitable and relatively
inexpensive ~$50-60. I have counter boards that work cleanly on both
The Lacrosse board actually fits into the groove next to the tipping
Testimony to Jim Jennings’ inventiveness!
Alan Heaberlin
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I use a rainwise gauge with Jim Jennings board. It has a nice water
tube next to the tipping buckets where you can place the board. I got
from Worthington Distribution www.worthdist.com. I’m not sure if they


Here I found it. Lacrosse “wired” raingauge. WS7048U. Our 1-wire
boards fit in the slot on the instrument. Very clean. Very inexpensive.
It’s not an 8" round unit like the purists might insist upon, but it
measures rain.=o)
Alan Heaberlin
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Greg, thanks for the summary. I was talking with Alan - who is taking over distribution of the JJennings boards.

After your initial posting I searched for the Dal-Semi message board but couldn’t find it. What’s the URL?

I have looked at the La Crosse…it appears to be the cheapest. The Fascinating device is being redesigned and will be ready in a month or so. The Rainwise looks nice but is a bit priceier.

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