quqke-canada problem

I updated the quake-canada.php and lost the map.

See: http://jeanrobertmarion.com/quake-Canada.php

Any idea ?

Hi Jean-Robert,

The quake-Canada.php script never showed a map … only a table of quakes.

The map was shown by the Base-Canada wxquake.php page (attached)

Best regards,

wxquake.php.txt (3.52 KB)

Hi Ken

Well i am again mixed !

I upload the wxquake.php and i did not work see:



Your quake-Canada.php script needs updating to V1.09 – you are running V1.08


I updated my wxquake.php

Now, is it possible to have both Canada and World installed ?

You already have it installed at http://jeanrobertmarion.com/wxquakew.php :slight_smile:

Wops !!! Shame on me !!! :oops:

Thanks Ken