Questions to functionallity/Feature Request


I have set up my LaCrosse WS2300 with WeatherDisplay 10.36x, and WDL5.01. I’m using the Weather station in wired mode (to get more frequent wind speeds).

I have set up wdl at

During my 3 weeks of evaluation (bought WDL a while ago, and WDL today), I have the following questions/feature requests/findings.

  1. It seems like my headunit reads wind speeds at variable intervalls, sometimes down to two seconds between updates. (according to LaCrosse documentation it’s supposed to update only every 8 seconds). The “problem” is that WD/WDL do not record all readings from the headunit, thus failing to give accurate max gusts. Today, my WD and WDL has recorded a maximum gust of 29,5 m/s while my headunit has recorded 32,8 as a max gust. Is there any ability to have WD refresh its readings mor frequently? I think the WDL is set up to record readings every 8 seconds or so (when set to WS2310), and when my headunit and WD is “out of sync”, the WD tends to only get every second reading from the head unit.

  2. When viewing the wind chill on my head unit, it seems to be 2-4 degrees lower than what WD says. Any reason for this? Is the WD calculating it’s own wind chill?

  3. From time to time, WD gets new wind gusts before the headunit updates. Any reason for this? I have several time today discovered that WD gets its reading 1-2 seconds before the headunit updates. Does WD go directly to my anemometer?

  4. I have over the past few weeks noticed that WDL says No Data Since…, while I see that the real-time ftp is sending data evey 4 seconds. Is the No Data message being caused by failure of uploading new ftp files, or is it the Flash that is not able to retrieve the newly updated files? This happens once ore twice an hour, and stays in No Data mode for a couple of minutes.

  5. I have seen a couple of requests here to not accept readings of 25,5 m/s by LaCrosse because of noisy readings. I have requested in some other thread that this may be optional, as I have never seen false readings of 25,5 (nor 30 something). I use the original cables.

  6. As a general request, would it be possible to set the update interval of the WD (from the headunit), so that I am sure all readings is accurate.

  7. I have requested (earlier in another thread) the possibility to have the Beaufort text reading of wind gusts, not just average.

  8. I would like the option to set the average wind speed intervals myself. As of today, I have foudn an option of using 10 minutes interval for avg speed, but it does not seem to be working in WDL. I Think it’s working in WD.

Again, this is amazing software, and every single person I’ve been showing my site to is very impressed.

As you understand from my points, some of them are questions, and some are feature requests.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work.

Best Regards,

with the 2310m only 1 bit of weather information can be obtained from the unit at a time
i.e its sequential
and so wd requests the windspeed the most often

in a sequence

yes, wd calculates its own windchill,…note the noaa formula has changed, and wd uses that new forumula…maybe the station still uses the old one

re the no data on wdl, if you ftp server can handle file rename, i would set wd to do that

for windspeed, if you are serious about windspeed, i would instead get a vortex aneometer,which you can use with WD, to give 1 second windspeed updates, as the 2310 one is not all that good a design and it does tend to grime up

Thanks for the prompt response.

You say the WS2310 is getting its data sequentially. Is it constantly polling for updated data?
Windchill, I’m sure you have control of
The opt of renaming files has always been on. Any other suggestions? Is it WD that’s not able to upload, or WDL not being able to read the file that causes this? I have resarched this further, and it Seems like WDL gets “No Data” every 5 minutes… Help…
Any comments on the “refusing wind speed of 25,5 m/s” issue?
And what about the Beaufort text opt on gusts in WDL?
Any thoughts on the average interval for winds?

Again, thanks for response.

Best Rgrds,

PS: I saw in another post you would have competition in the windrun. What are your readings?

Does it start up again after a minute or two? Perhaps WD is bust doing something every 5 minutes and it misses a few uploads of clientraw.txt whilst it does the job. There is a WDL setting which defines how many times WDL will try to read the same clientraw.txt file before it displays the no data warning. You could try increasing that value to see if you get past the period where WD isn’t uploading the file.

I have modified the parameter “noDataCount” to 0 - zero “as we speak”.

I’ll keep monitoring it, and see if this helps.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Anyways, how do you get that cool signature so many of you got?? Wiith always up to date data…

They’re a service provided by one of the forum users (krelvinaz) from his server. You can find out more details at

the other windspeed spike refuse option i have not put in place yet, as i am interested to see just how many people get that particuloar speed (re that thread)
for Q’s on WDL, you need to ask on the WDL section (re the bft Q)
average interval for windspeed:
what exactly were you looking for again?
there are quite a number of custom tags you can use for different types of average windspeed

Thanks a lot for your responses.

Administrator; I’ll check out that site.

Windy; Average windspeed: I’m looking for a setting to allow me to define the running interval that Average windspeed/and direction should be based on. So that I could have the ability to set the running average to i.e 60 minutes.

That would make more sense (at least to med) to see trends of wind direction and wind speed.

As of today the interval is so short that the average is almost the same as the gust speed. I have not found any settings that would allowe med to modify the running average to the setting I think is best suited for my climate.

Thanks again.

Anybody knows if the 49$ ( is compatible with my LaCrosse 2300?

It isn’t compatible with the 2300 BUT it is compatible with using in place of your 2300 wind speed when using Weather Display as your software. Note that the Vortex does not provide direction, you would need to continue to use your wind direction from the 2300 Anemometer.

If you need to replace both speed and direction you would have to look at the 1-wire wind sensor, which is also compatible with using a 2300 and WD.