Questions re: ws2300

Hi All,

I just bought the LaCrosse WS2300 and just had a couple of questions… On the LaCrosse weather example using weather display live, it shows the cloud altitude. How do they get that? I can’t see any such option to display on the base station or software that came with it.

I also notice that the weather graphic is often wrong. Eg. when I initially set it up the other night, it was pissing down with rain yet the weather graphic showed a sun. The next morning when it was still showing a sun even though it was drizzling, I did a factory reset and it showed really cloudy. It doesn’t seem to recognise that it’s raining even though the rain gauge is recording rainfall.

I suspect it has something to do with my settings though so if anyone can help it would be appreciated. The Thermo-Hygro Sensor is located next to my veranda door on my balcony. It’s not in direct sunlight and i’m getting all my readings on the base station okay. The only real issue is i’m not sure what to put as the relative pressure. I’ve tried doing two things. First I used the same as the absolute pressure eg. the absolute pressure was about 1003 hpa. I live between two meteorology stations which register a relative pressure of roughly 1017 hpa so i’ve tried changing it to the same to see if that helps but I can’t seem to control the weather graphic. Everything else seems reasonably accurate.

The other thing i’ve tried is changing the Weather Forcast Sensitivity to 3, and it still has a mind of it’s own.

Anyone got any suggestions on what i’m doing wrong.


The cloud height is calculated from your station data, ie. the WDL software is calculating the value so you won’t see it on your console.

The weather graphic is set from the WD software and you need to tell WD what to use to set that graphic. If your station has a solar sensor you can use that but allow your rain to override, or, you can set WD to use a metar to set the icon. There is a FAQ on setting this up… for the metar setup.

i think he is refering to the graphic on the weather station
its a forecast graphic, not a current weather graphic

Ahhh… that would explain it… thanks.

Yeh… I was referring to the forecast graphic… sorry about the confusion. I’ve just set all settings like sensitivity to their defaults to see if it helps any. I’ll advise how it goes over the next 24 hours.

I believe every time you reset the console it zeros out the barometric trend so it will take a few days to get a trend going which is used for the forecast icon.


This help any?