Questions about the Ecowitt Weather Stations & Gateway

I like to keep by data local away from the likes of weather underground so I have been using Weather Display and use this to update New Zealand local weather sites and also have the weather on my website. I would like to confirm that the Ecowitt Gateway will communicate directly with Weather Display which is installed on one of my old laptops?

My WMR200 stores about 14 days of weather data in the event of my laptop goes offline whist I am away. I am not sure if this would be the case for the Ecowitt gateway. Can anyone confirm? If it does not - any other suggestions on how to do this? My biggest problem is Windows updates rebooting computer which means WD goes offline. I do select no updates for the period while I am away but find it does not always work. I could also get hit with a power cut and the laptop battery goes flat before the power comes back on. The joys of living in a rural environment.

I am also thinking adding additional sensors like the air quality sensor and lightening sensor and temp sensors so I can monitor the temp in different areas on the house. I see I can add up to 8 x WH31 multi-channel temperature and humidity sensors which is plenty. Does Weather Display work with these additional Sensors?

I have read lots of posts on this site - but not really sure I have found the answers to my questions so thought I would start a new topic

I’m not an Ecowitt user, but I was considering one for a remote project. Ecowitt users have told me that there is no storage in the gateway so if you can’t read the data from it then it’s gone.

If the gateway maintains an internet connection it will still upload to, and you can catch-up from there. If 'tinternet goes as well the data is lost.

I moved from Davis VP1 to Ecowitt and can confirm that as long as you upload to Ecowitt then both WD and CumulusMX can retrieve any missed data from Ecowitt to both programs, just that the Ecowitt data pulled via the API is at 5 minute intervals so there is less granularity but as long as you programs and associated hardware are running there is no issue both work very well. As Mark said providing there is internet access then no data is lost.


If feels like a backward step in a lot of ways considering my very old weather station can do this. Any other suggestions other that Davis as they are overpriced in NZ?

I am not aware of any other stations which have a logger like the Davis ones, but that doesn’t mean there are none just that I’ve not come across any. To be honest it’s not a huge issue unless there is a power failure in which case none of the Ecowitt/Fine Offset stations will cope as they do not have battery backup like the Davis. Of course you can over come this with a UPS if your need is great for data.


Depends on what power has gone. If it’s an area outage then there’s a fair chance that your Internet connection will go too so a UPS might not help. You could run your laptop/PC off the UPS too, but then you’re talking about a more expensive unit. I’ve been considering a Pi with consolewd to collect the Ecowitt data and put the gateway/Pi onto a smaller UPS. Then you collect data locally for upload when the power and/or Internet come back on.

My internet is on LTE which does not suffer from the same power cuts that I have at my house. Power was out for two days last week and internet was fine the whole time…had it connected to my generator.

Does WD allow for the download of data from gateway and Ecowitt website? If yes - how does it work?

Yes WD will download from the GW1100 or GW2000 gateways via their IP addresses which must be on your local lan, that is how I get my data into WD with my Ecowitt setup. Yes it will download the missed data if WD has not been running from the Ecowitt website when it restarts, but be aware this is only at 5 minute resolution but better than nothing. In order for this to work you have to set up two entries on your Ecowitt profile, an API key and an Application key for the gateway you are using and this data has to be entered into WD on the Control Panel/Station Type & Settings/Ecowitt tab, just tick the last box to use for catch up.

I believe if your gateways are remote from WD it can use these keys to obtain the data instead, but I’ve not tested this myself.


Probably the only thing I am worried about is missing rainfall info. I have my manual reader which I can use to update my totals if they are slightly out. Do you have any additional sensors?

I do have lightning, PM2.5 and two extra temp/hum sensors as well.


Amazon Australia have run out of GW1103 and no timeline for it to come into stock :frowning: I looked at getting it from Ecowitt but the shipping is insane - USD 142…almost the same price as the station itself.

I can get the Ecowitt HP2553 - which is just the GS1103 with a console. It is cheaper than getting a GW1103 from Ecowitt thou. Not sure that I want a console as we can use the app and I have WD and HomeAssistant…is there any additional benefits of having the console?

Check out this thread as there is loads of detail about pretty much all of the Ecowitt/Fine Offset stations and well worth a read in a whole section dedicated to this equipment. That forum has a whole load of users of these stations. To be honest I don’t see any point in a console as you can use any old Android tablet as one with Personal Weather Tablet as one, also not all consoles I believe have the same connectivity.


Thank you for the link - very helpful. I agree about the console…I really dont need it but its cheaper to buy that than to get the GW1103 from the US