Questions about Records and Graphs

I have a couple of things that don’t look right in Records and Graphs.


As for the graphs you are talking about, that data comes from the clientrawdaily.txt file. The file on your site contains default blanks. I don’t know why 15

Some info on the clientrawdaily from another post, thought it might help here…

it only updates once a day (actualy a couple times of day) as the data is only daily based data it should get refreshed/uploaded when you first start wd and the clientrawrealtimeftp program

There was an upgrade a little while back that included a new clientrawrealtimeftp and maybe you need the latest version.
v3.4 is what I am running here. I seem to recall that WDL at some point required the newer ftp client.

ps. Hope you don’t mind, added your station to my for California stations. The hot map shows you data when you put your mouse on the station box.

dan, try setting a value for that map size fine tune adjust in the mesomap setup
so that the loaded image in the hot map is a better size (i.e does not look squashed for the text)

Never noticed that box before, what does it do? I set it to 10, but need to know what to look for…

<img SRC=“m2esomap.gif” usemap=“#MESOMAP height=740 width=445>

it should change the heught and width numbers in the html code

ps. Hope you don't mind, added your station

No problem - but note that my windspeed data is likely wrong. It shows 0 mph constantly - I assume I have a hardware problem, as I can see the propeller spin, but it still registers zero. The direction indicator seems fine.

Thanks. I have read many posts about a brand of weather station that comes from the factory new with inferior cable used for construction of the station. Maybe you just need to replace the cable with twisted pair or high quality outdoor type phone cable.


Thanks for the analysis of the clientraw… files. Interesting.

You might check your website to see if it is being udpated.
The files on my website have current date/time stamps, but apparently aren't being updated correcly on my local (even though they have current date/time stamps there, too).
As for the Soil... that value is in the clientrawextra.txt file. You might need to clear that value from WD.

I did clear the value in WD - and it started showing correctly (as “—”) in the WD all-time records graphic, but didn’t change in WDL. I must have something set wrong so that my clientrawextra and clientrawdaily files are not being written properly. Strange that they have current timestamps but not current data.

I have read many posts about a brand of weather station that comes from the factory new with inferior cable

That would be my WS2310. I haven’t done anything about it yet. Interesting if that were the problem, as the direction info seems to come through fine.