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This small program is used to check your web server settings if they prohibit installing the PWS_Dashboard.

You only need to re-run this program if you encounter unknown errors.

check 1 : $_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”]: result = OK, server =

check 2.1 : Your current PHP version is : 7.2.24-0ubuntu0.18.04.13

check 2.2 : CURL support: result = OK

check 2.3 : simplexml support: result = OK

check 2.4 : GD support: result = OK: 2.2.5

check 3.1 : file_exists: result = OK

check 3.2 : chdir: result = OK

check 3.3 : file_put_contents: result = ERROR 3.3 file_put_contents is not supported, ?open_basedir restriction in effect or ./jsondata/ folder not writable FATAL

check 4 : json support: result = OK

check 5.1 : load file from updates site : result = OK

There are fatal errors:

If you can not remove the errors yourself post your questions at
the “PWS_Dashboard part” of the WW-forum "

Please help i did not find the way here to make a new topic…sorry pse.


“file_put_contents is not supported, ?open_basedir restriction in effect”


“./jsondata/ folder not writable”

which is more likely. Set write permissions for /jsondata and the contents. Also for /_my_settings, /chartswudata and /wudata (if you use WU data at all). This post may be of help:

Check 3.3 looks OK now:

check 3.3 : file_put_contents: result =  OK

Many Things are not displayed like Barometer max min, Temp max min, Solar, Rain, monthly yearly, aktuell weather, all things are avaible by wu, what must i do for show it.

it is nice to see this Station, what must i do for take these effects like this stations.

I dont find the rigt way.
I send my Data to wunderground, the api key is correct, but somthing is not work correctly.

Look here, what are the Mistake??

Are you running cron_stationcron.php every 5 minutes? See

One can generate a "start-history" using the stations WU-data: => pwsWD/PWS_hist_recreate.php?pw=12345 One can always update the history file if it has an error-value in it: => pwsWD/PWS_hist_update.php?pw=12345

where 12345 is your easyweathersetup password. But the History (Geshchichte) popup is under the “Aktuelle Bedingungen” block. . .

History can be checked directly also: Stationswettergeschichte
Seems weatherman is not using any cron as only the last data is saved.

Please read
You really need to run the crons as WU only delivers the current (=last) data.


Hallo i am back, i have make a new cronjob look here:
*/5 * * * * curl --silent -S

I hope it is correct if not please write me the exaktly entree for my cronjob.

This shows a table with Weatherdata from today an yesterday but wrong Data the min Temp ist not there the max temp is correct but only for 3 hours maximum
I think that the Weatherdata is only saved for max 3 hours an not longer, it shows only aktually 3 hours.
You can see my weatherstation at this link:

please see and look at the min Temp and check it with pws_dasboard.

Ther are many Data like this in Table with save button

PWS_hist_recreate.php (38) version =>PWS_hist_recreate.php|01|2021-07-30|
PWS_hist_recreate.php (42) include_once =>PWS_livedata.php
PWS_hist_recreate.php (75) Checking if file for year 2022 is present. File ./wudata/IBADMN60-metric-2022.arr is present
PWS_hist_recreate.php (92) using existing “/var/www/html/weewx/public_html/pwsWD/_my_settings/history.txt” file
PWS_hist_recreate.php (110) Loading all files to find high/lows
PWS_hist_recreate.php (113) Checking file for year 2022
PWS_hist_recreate.php (162) Updated history file “/var/www/html/weewx/public_html/pwsWD/_my_settings/history.txt” will be saved.
PWS_hist_recreate.php (166) File: “/var/www/html/weewx/public_html/pwsWD/_my_settings/history.txt” saved.

  !  success files loaded + data appended to day file + history recalculated + history saved + need upload to others + 0 uploads + no roll-over needed

I think Nothing special or extraordinary happened.

Best Greetings and always thanks for every help, i am 62 Years old, but it is very difficult to do this.

PWS-Dashboard.docx (139 KB)

When using an update script such as
you have to type the values for one or more fields you want to change.

The update script can not “invent” historical values.
So you have to make a list of those values and type those values and after a few updated values press save.
And repeat that until all values are good enough.

The dashboard will keep all values current from the first day of operation, as long as the cron-job is always run every 5 minutes.
More info see P.S. at the bottom.

Solution 1: Do nothing and wait.
At October the 1st, the today, yesterday and month values are correct and remain correct
At January 1 the year valiues are correct also and kept current.

Solution 2:
Make a list of those missing values using your main website data:
Monat | Bad Münstereifel-Eichen,NRW,53902
Jahr | Bad Münstereifel-Eichen,NRW,53902
And manually update the month and year values.
When using two small browser tabs next to each other, one can copy / paste the values easily

Solution 3:
If you have correct and complete data on Wunderground, you can use another script to initialize all fields. PWS_hist_recreate.php?pw=xxxxxxx
Be aware that will “cost” a lot of accesses towards your Wunderground API key.


P.S. No High/Lows, where is history and graphs data used for, and ? cron ?

[b]Missing High-Low values solution[/b]

A small files is created / maintained by a “cron-job” running every 5 minutes
It will compare current high-lows and if needed it will update the today/month/year high-lows with the latest values
The file is located in pwsWD/_my_settings/history.txt
The live-data script uses that file plus the latest-measurements to calculates “realtime” high-lows to displayed in the blocks on your dashboard.

One can generate a “start-history” using the stations WU-data: => pwsWD/PWS_hist_recreate.php?pw=12345
One can always update the history file if it has an error-value in it: => pwsWD/PWS_hist_update.php?pw=12345