Question on my webpage?

For about one day now I have two new panels on my webpage
just after the “Weather trends”… I cannot delete them… how can i turn them off.

I don’t know how they come in my web page…

Yes I “play” a little with the new Custom screen and meso map…

Very strange… now if I try to open this “custom screen” I only got a white page with a small “move/resize… the webpage” in the middle… Nothing else…

Can someone help me please… and thanks… :cry: :wink:

Mine has started doing it too, out of the blue. I’m not there now to check, but look under setup, sun/moon/lat/long… at the very bottom and make sure nothing is checked. That’s where you go if you want it to appear.

i now have the extra moon details appearingg automaticly on the web page if you have the tick to upload them
(added to datahtm2.txt…if you tick let me control that in the web files setup, you can remove them again)

custom screen:
right mouse clcik to see the options to turn everything on…
but,tip: when closing that screen, always scroll up and click on OK
to reset everything, see the custom view settings in the wdisplay.ini file and delete that key/section