Question about WS-2300

Hi everybody

Hope this is the right forum.
Does any of you weatherguys have any idea on how to prevent my winddirection from frezing, I only get one direction as seen on my webpage.

Hi ,
I think North directon is default ( means you direction indications not working )
Was this working before and stopped recently ?

Could also be a problem with the WS ( indication mechanism eg … magnetic reed switch fault ) :?

or program bug :frowning:
Check with Brian directly mailto:[email protected]

Hi Rocketman

The indicator is working OK. :smiley:
It is only when temperature is below freezing, somehow water is getting in to the mecanism.
What I was wondering about is, is it posible to heat the housing in any way, or do I have to make a sleve to prevent water entering :?:

Hi, Conrad Electronics (Germany) sells heating pads for a low price…
It is a flexibel peace of plastic with metal strips on it.
Use a 12V adapter for power…