Question about Solar Energy % not showing(Resolved)

Hi guys, recently I’ve noticed that WD isn’t reporting solar percentage any more. I don’t know when it started or what happened, but it may have been something I tripped while troubleshooting a different issue recently. Is there somewhere that I can go to turn this off and on? I notice it shows W/m just fine and it matches the console, but somewhere it’s not updating it on WD or the website. It always shows the conditions as being gloomy and overcast because of it I believe.
Any ideas where to look?
Thank you so much!


there are a number of threads about this:
exit WD
then check the wdisplay.ini settings file
Solar sensor=

make sure that is 0
(this is the solar in a jar setting)

Ahhhh, yes, I saw those threads, but I didn’t think it applied to me since I don’t have solar in a jar. I’ll check it out when I get home from work, thank you!

I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to figure out the same thing. It seemed like it happened after installing the latest WD version, build 293. Didn’t notice it right away, but noticed that the conditions descriptions on my altajaxdashboard homepage showed “overcast and gloomy”, and we haven’t had that in California in several months now.
I traced it back to the solar setup since that is where the data comes from for the icon/description. After meticulously going through the setup, using the WD FAQ, I failed to find a solution. The last thing I did before giving up was to change the solar in a jar setting from 1 rather to 0.
Don’t ask me where I found that, I was tired and went to bed after that, thinking it was still broken.
This morning, the sun came up and low and behold, it’s all working. The Current % reading showed up and the conditions icon and description were correct.
I tried to find that setting again after reading the post above, but couldn’t, so I’m glad that Brian mentioned the wdisplay.ini edit fix.
Thanks, Brian

yes, that solar in a jar setting is now exposed so you can make sure it is set to 0, in the solar setup
(it was a very early version of WD where it was set to other than zero by default which after a change I made to how the solar works , that caused a problem)

That did it! Thanks so much! :slight_smile: