Question about http download in WD

I’d like to use the http download function in weather-display to download webcam pictures every soandso minutes. Basically, it works, but if I download a picture called picture.jpg, the next time the old picture is renamed to picture.jpg1 and kept on the HD. I would like to just overwrite the old picture.

How can I do this?


If I am not mistaken the file will collect up to the last 5 downloads and you would end up with:


and then no more… The most current would always be picture.jpg…


Bob’s correct, and my original source of that information which is in FAQ

and its so you can animate those pictures, under view, downloaded images
(click on animate)

Oh great, that makes my live easy :slight_smile: - Thanks.

Bernhard (where the customtext.txt - weirdness has returned after shutting down and restarting wd :-(()

re the customtext out problem…
it must be a 3600 station type thing…
i will re do things, and make it different/more uniform and then let you know…

Great, thanks!