Q about reboot/restart

Back with another question…
I’m running an old W98 laptop for my weather server. I must reboot it every 2-3 days. I have set the options to collect history data from my WS2310 station when pgm starts. I have noticed ‘funny’ (Tech term) behaviors with the pgm when I do this. Example being on todays boot at around 5AM, the figures spike way, way down, certainly an aberration in the processing, but it does cause funny historical readings, and I’d like to work on this. Is anyone else running a LaCrosse ws2310, and how were you able to address this issue?


yes, there is another report of this
which version of wd?
which values are wrong?

Hi Windy,

okay, it’s a LaCrosse 2310.
Weather display is 10.19x
Aberration values are:
Wind Direction

Basically, all the items which show in the graphs of the default web page.

I’m going to test turning the ‘get station history’ function off when I reboot. I figure since the boot is a 2 minute exercise, I’m not going to lose any significant data points, and won’t skew the historical figures.


Hi all,
okay, before my every so often reboot, I turned off the ‘get history’ option. This time no aberrations in the history file, like a -22F low temp… All of the afore-mentioned fields came in clean.

My understanding now is that I only need to do the ‘get history’ when I’ve been off the air for quite a bit - hours I imagine. My old problem did reappear however, of the display fields all showing blank values. As I play, I’m discovering that this may be related to my 5 minute refresh time.

So, it’s back to experimentation and playtime.