pwsWD extra sensors not OK, no earth quake data

Goodevening Wim.

Thanks for your help and info.
Today i was making it all complete and i think i did a good job. I changed line 1238. You wrote that a lot of my data is very old and needs to be updated. For me this is to difficullt and i am happy that i can use my pws with Meteobridge in the non updated way…
For now i only have 2 things and thats the extra sensor and the earthquake. The extra sensor only shows 0.0 and the earthquake shows data from june '23.
Is there an easy way to fix this or do i have to skip this?
Thanks in advance for all the help!!

There is a new provider for the earthquake data, see Stalled data for earthquakes

You will have to update that script, at least.

I did notice you were originally trying to upload extra sensor data to /public_html/ too. . . where are you uploading now?

There is no easy way if you do not want to update your version.

But I try to explain it step by step.
The extra data file is found in demodata/extra_sensors.txt with an Age 18 hours 36 minutes 19 seconds
That file looks like a Cumulus file but there is some Meteobridge setting.
I removed most of the commented lines

# cumulus extra tags
#actTime|unix|1608314541|! ## 2020-12-18  
|soilmoist_type|text|%|!  ## 2020-12-18  ecowitt uses % for moist
|lightningtime|cudt|17/12/2020 18:37:33|!  ## 2020-12-18  for  CU

As you can see the value in the uploaded file for extra temp = 0.
That is also the value shown on your dashboard so the dashboard is showing the value which is uploaded by your MB. All OK
If the value is incorrect, it can be an invalid template file you put in your MB template folder.
Or an old value if the MB got a template file without correct field-names

A compatible Meteobrodge template file can be downloaded from
Downloads for new users : → Extra sensor (f.i. soil) fileshere.
That is a folder with 1 file for 6 different programs, the MB one is
extra_mb.txt (1.9 KB)

If you use that file, comment all not needed sensors it sould work (for most stations) if you “mapped” the extra sensors in a standard way.

If your problem is different, please post the zip of your meteobridge template file for the extra sensors.

The earthquake script: maybe it will work with this script (2.7 KB)
Unzip and upload to your website

I do not think it will be long before you run into new problems, but for the time being, have fun.