pwsWD doesn't (seem to) read my Meteobridge realtime.txt file ** solved **

Hi Wim,

I have pwsWD installed on my server, but it doesn’t seem to read the realtime.txt file.

MB sends it regularly and it appears in the web-root directory, regularly updated. But the tiles stay offline.
pwsWD is installed in /pwsWD (“/” meaning the web-root directory, which is on the server “/Web”).
Following the way I read the path instruction in the settings,
the path is set to …/realtime.txt (the name MB delivers), the date order is D-M-Y . Also changing the filename to realtimeMB.txt (both in MB and pwsWD) doesn’t change anything.
The sender is a MB Pro 5.1 build 14308.
What do you suggest ?
I got the template running with my GW1000 and the customized server option, but the Meteobridge option just doesn’t seem to work.

the content of realtime.txt is:
15/02/21 15:00:37 5.0 62 -1.7 0.9 1.3 238 0.0 0.2 1027.0 WSW 1 m/s C hPa mm - -2.7 105.1 258.9 0.8 23.6 36 4.2 1.4 5.4 14:04 -3.2 04:10 6.0 14:50 6.4 14:50 1033.0 02:13 1027.0 14:58 1.8.7 819 6.4 5.0 - 0.0 - 53 91 0.0 - 1 0 WSW 2680 ft - 0.0 394 0

Another annoyance is that each time I enter (and return with saving from) the settings, pwsWD sets my country flag to UK, while it is D.
I haven’t found an option to set the country flag in the settings, but from the coordinates it is clearly not the UK.
My way out is to manually change it back each time in settings.php - but this is definitely not the most elegant way.

There are dozens of realtime files. As generic as 'Aspirine"

The Meteobridge one as used by PWS_Dashboard => => Downloads => second bullet Meteobridge


The country flag is set for the primary language
So if set the at the “Start tab” last question:
=> “Template language to be used” German(Germany) in your settings that flag should be used.
If you want UK-english as primary language, but with a German country flag, please modify _my_settings/languages.txt

en-uk   |uk.svg  |en-gb   |lang_en.txt     |English (United Kingdom)|de.svg     |en-GB|

But as you did not post a link to your website, there is not much I can inspect as i am not clairvoyant, sadly. :smiley:


not necessary to be clairvoyant - I will manage the flag, one way or the other. That was just a side remark, a beauty thing.

Regarding realtimeMB.txt - that works now, but only with a very basic set of sensors (obviously as there is not more in the template).

My extra temperature sensors and the lightening sensor info got lost now.
In the GW1000 approach this is of course all contained.

How and where to place the extra sensor stanzas in the template ? extraTemp1-7, extraHum1-7 and the three lightning values I am after
see how it is in Ecowitt mode (attachment)

your forum software is really annoying - first it complains that attachment mustn’t be larger than 512 KB, OK, I reduced it to 440 KB, then it complains that attachments must not be larger than 400 KB … :roll:

Sorry, this is not my forum, please contact the administrator for any complaints whatsoever.

I am allowed to support my users on this part of the forum for which I am very grateful otherwise there would be no support at all.
=> Documentation => bullet 7 => How to use extra sensors
=> Download => bullet 3 => Extra sensor files
Topic on this forum

Sorry, Wim, wasn’t meant personal. :slight_smile: - I should have better written “This forum” instead of “your forum”.
Anyhow, your help is largely appreciated.
Looking at the effort involved to get the extra sensors work with MB means, I’d rather postpone that work to a period with nothing else to do - and stay with the Ecowitt mode which satisfies my needs.
I have even integrated my Blake-Larsen SunRecorder (Menu → Sunshine hours; link is now in my signature), at least the daily chart. Monthly and Yearly will probably follow, either new entries or repurpose.
I like the setup of your template and especially that it easily allows me to have the 300° webcam view. :slight_smile: - Plus there is not only black and white (dark and white like in W34), but also a third option.