PWS-Reports-History available for 2012_lts

As told numerous times, I lost the complete setup and zip of the WU-history-reports scripts.
I did not have enough time to recreate the old downloads
I copied from my existing working sites and tested it on a fresh install with PHP 8.1.1

Attached a zipped folder with

  1. The shortest readme ever, adapt your _my_settings/frames.php
  2. Two folders
    2.1 copy_into_pwsWD_folder Two scriprts you have to copy into your pwsWD/ folder
    2.2 copy_besides_pwsWD_folder Contains 2 folders which you have to copy next to (not inside) the pwsWD folder

I will adapt the description for those users who copied all scripts into the root.

Probably I have to update the scripts a few times, sorry for that.

Wim (74.4 KB)

In WUHistroy, can you tell me how I adjust the metric values to use decimals rather than commas?

Sadly that is not possible today. It is on the to-do list.
The code used the old Leuven-Template “rules”, metric (Celsius) uses decimal-comma, imperial (Fahrenheit) uses decimal point.
It will all be decimal-point shortly as the PWS_Dashboard only uses decimal-point.


If I update my installation do I still need the old …/wureports/wuData directory where all the annual data files are stored?

The reports and history scripts do not cache any data.
The reports and history scripts load their data from the script PWS_DailyHistory.php That script is not changed. That uses cache as before.

So there is no new / no extra or no changed location of cached data.


Thanks, Wim :slight_smile:

WU start date defined in easyweathersetup is

$wu_start = "2017-08-01";

because I wanted to ignore the four days uploaded in July 2017: real start date was 2017-07-28.

But Reports for 2017 start at 2017-07-28. . .?

The history&reports are not PS_Dashboard scripts (yet). Did put it on the ToDo list.


Thanks !

Out of the box ! Only changed …/ in ./

Was for me missing part ! [thumb up]


I just thought that as $wu_start appears in PWS_wureports.php it may have picked it up from settings. . .

Typo in line 27 of History wulanguage-en.txt:

langlookup|Original script by|Original script b|

Change last “b” to “by”.

There seems to be a problem with Report raindays in this distribution: see here for a discussion.

My old version (at …/pws1907) seems to be OK.

Hello. I enabled WU history and report under _my_setting, but I get the following up on the screen: Fredericia, Danmark History at WU (

Anyone who can help me with what’s wrong?

seems to be working now, what is the problem?

See text Fredericia, Danmark Reports at WU

Notice : Undefined index: wind_degrees in /var/www/ on line 1137

Warning : Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/ in /var/www/ on line 101

This error has no relation to reports or history scripts.
The PWS_livedata.php script processes your weather-station-data.
It seems the data from weatherlink . com is (or was) missing a sensor-value.
When I check the file, the data is there:

    [station_id] => Vejretfredericia
    [temp_c] => 19.8
    [temp_f] => 67.7
    [temperature_string] => 67.7 F (19.8 C)
    [wind_degrees] => 196
    [wind_dir] => South-southwest
    [wind_kt] => 1.7

If the problem with wind_degrees missing occurs again, please make a copy of jsondata/wlcom.json, zip that copy and post it.
I can then check what fields are missing and adept the live-data-script.


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