PWS Dashboard: wrong/inconsistent units of measures for pressure


I have the latest version of the template, including the updates from PWS_Dashboard 2012_lts updates.

The problem: the atmospheric pressure panel shows the minimum and maximum pressure in hPa but the current pressure is in inHg. The values are correct for the displayed unit of measurement but I want everything to be in hPa.

You can see an example at Toronto Home Weather Station (AWapi version)

Is there a way to fix it or it requires a new release of the template?


It is a standard feature for the casual visitor. If you change units using the °F at the top of the page the readings will be reversed.

I have renamed my “Current” box. . .

. . . and you have changed the units in the Current box from inHg to inHG

This did not solve the reported problem at all. Clicking on F/C swaps the units between inHg and hPa, but it keeps the inconsistency. The unit used for the current value is always different from the one used for the min/max. All the measurement units should be the same.

For reference I’m attaching two screenshots, showing what is displayed in both cases. Also a live link:

As I said, it is not a problem – it is a standard feature of the template.

The pressure in the selected units is displayed in large text in the big circle. I guess the thinking was that there was spce to display something more but there’s really nothing else left other than the pressure in an alternative set of units. If the pressure in the default units was used in the ‘current’ box then you’d be displaying the same value twice so it would probably still look odd.

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I really do not understand your problem, this is a feature which was there from the beginning.

The temp, pressure and wind blocks have the main value in the middle of the block.
If space permits there is a an extra area showing the “other” unit for casual visitors who maybe are not familiar with your “default” units.
There is no extra space in the rain block for that feature as it has often more than 6 extra values to show.

If your complaint is about the wording, I propose to adjust it for the pressure block similar to the temperature block.
I need to replace the "current -word’ with the other unit.
In your case it would the read

 | inHg   | 
 | 29.76  | 

Attached screenshot of a “first version” pwsWD website and yours to compare.

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I attach the adepted baro_c_block.php|01|2024-07-10| to test if this is a better version for some users.
First adaption: it shows the “other unit” and not the word “current”
Other adaption One can switch off the “other unit text and value” completely by removing the # at line 41

One can choose which version to use, so I hope this topic can be closed as solved.

Zip: (4.4 KB)

Screenshot: word “current” replaced by the unit:

Screenshot: no other unit part at all.



The version with the other unit looks great to me and I’ve implemented it on both of my pwsWD sites.

Thank you Wim :smiley:

Interesting Max pressure you have in your screenshots, Wim :wink: