PWS_Dashboard April 2020 release Q&A

I performed the replacement of the new easyweathersetup as explained above, the entry ‘airport’ in the box of current conditions has disappeared.
When I can, I am ready to test any changes.
I have not yet managed to make the extra sensor page in the temperature box work … a black page linking to comes out but there is no value. I’m doing tests tonight

Should read America/New_York, I think.

Module test PWS_Dashboard => Button “Load files”
There are two sources for the METAR airport data, both need an API-key
Aeris_________: not loaded keys=ADD YOUR API KEY
You should select one of them. As there is none selected the pop-up-link does not show in the block

I have a Davis with solar and uv sensors so I wanted to use the 'extra sensor' page to view the ET. I downloaded the 'extra sensor' certella and put it in the pwsWD folder but then I can't continue.
You are which is [b]not[/b] a weather-program. All possible values are already in your data fields =>
    [et_day] => 1.4986
    [et_month] => 66.04
    [et_year] => 207.772

Now someone has to explain to me what to do with those fields.
As long as I have no drawing or screenshot what and how to display those values there is not much I can do.

I used the script PWS_module_test.php but then I don't know where and how to insert the daily, monthly and yearly ET value. , should he then exit the pemperature box by clicking on 'extra sensors'?
Even if you have experience with PHP programming, you do not have to change or write a block. You may do that, or I can do that. I only need to understand what you want with those three values
Very nice additional info to the AQI session, but on the 'full page' how do I get the location closest to my home?
As that page can not be changed easily, this is the procedure 1. In your pwsWD/_my_settings/frames.php at line 94 you see this link
$frm_src[$frame]        = '';

You have to replace that with a link you like.
2. Make a duplicate / copy of your current frames.php script
3. Go to Aarschot Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) & Pollen Report - Air Matters
4. Browse until you find a place nearby you.
5. Copy the link from your browser address line
6. Put the link in line 94 replacing the current one.
IMPORTANT It is PHP so quotes are important. If you get a blank page. or errors, start over with the copy you made.


Thanks, folks. Amazing what one typo will do!

It occurs at your site, not at the few others I checked.
Seems to be a 16px font-size for tables somewhere outside the .
I added the 10px to the box. Please test the attached script.

What is the extra sensors voice for? I am using the template by loading my data with and I have a Davis VP2 Plus; can I get ET out on that page?

There is the full page in the menu, it shows all sensor-data
=> Zavattarello (PV) IT Stations data at

As rain and ET are not extra sensors (I thought so :oops: ) it is normally not shown in the extra sensors pop-up and there is nothing to see when you then select it.

I modified the script to show rain/ET also in the pop-op.

Wim (9.73 KB) (3.23 KB)

Wim, if I’m currently using the December release can I just copy and replace the files? If not which files do I need to back up to keep my existing data and setup files? My website is


I have the same question, tried a couple of times with no luck!
My site Sanford Manitoba Home Weather Station (weewx version)

Vim, you have as usual, you have fulfilled my wishes.

The AQI box is fixed, I tried the visualization on PC, smartphone and smartTV, all ok. I also selected the province to which my country belongs for the full page, all ok.

As for the extra sensors panel, you have fully grasped my wishes, had the ET in comparison to the rain is fantastic. I want to point out one thing, because at the top left in soft gray there is the word ‘rain’? Is it possible to have the words day, month, year so that they are more readable, with more ‘contrast or a color’ different? It is therefore possible to add other info to this block … too bad that does not give us THSW.

We are now using the standard version WL API, is V2 good for anything?

For nearby airport, I look at tomorrow which then I have some questions about the weather forecast.

For now, thank you very much, fantastic job

It appears I am missing a file for wxsim forecast (wxsim_util_wxsim.php)


Just update mine not seeing that error and cannot find a file with that name

I found the problem.
forgot to change path in fct_wxsim_shared.php
also, the name of the script was defined incorrectly at line 1 of fct_wxsim_shared.php

Airport arranged, everything works well. I wanted to use Aeris for the forecast and the current conditions, but it does not allow me to register. Do I have to put my station on Aeris?

  1. You have to be uploading to for at least 24 hours before you can use the free Aeris-API
  2. Then you visit this page PWS Contributor Signup | AerisWeather where you can “connect” your pwsweather-account to your Aeris account


That new error message should have been pointing to the correct script,
thanks, Wim

You only have to use the new version if you want to use the new features.
Download, unzip and upload with a NEW name, f.i. pwsWDxx
Never ever move the complete download on top of the “old” version.
Run your current version next to the new one, update settings, check
and if all OK rename current to pwsOLD and the new one to the name of your previous version
After renaming: open easyweathersetup.php and press save at the bottom.

These are the important files from your December version.

  • _my_settings/history.txt can be moved later
  • _my_settings/settings.php retype or move from current version to new
  • chartswudata/ folder move all contents to new folder
  • wudata/ folder move all contents to new folder

If you do not want to re-type all settings, you move the _my_settings/settings.php from current version to new version
you start easyweathersetup.php

You check all values, but especially all highlighted (blue) values
Then you save the new settings with the green button at the bottom.
You copy the latest uploaded weather-data from your weatherprogram (clientraw.txt, realtime.txt etc. to the same location as in the current version)

When you start the pwsWDxx version it can take up to 10 seconds before the complete page is loaded, depends on which weather-program you use.

Also a lot of blocks will contain “not current” data or -99 data. Wait a few seconds and most data should be OK.

Probably there are other changes you made in the current version, such as menu-pages. Those were saved in files in _my_settings/ folder


Hope this helps.


Not at all.
If you are using a Davis IP-logger, make a good photo of the device-ID (small label on the logger RJ45 block). Or save a screenshot of the ip:80 window.
And make a plan what to do when the IP-logger fails.

My opinion after testing with a Davis WLL => API-v2 not usable for templates (?)

If you want to comment on this, post it in the wx-forum topic or start a new topic here as it is not a question about the PWS_Dashboard.



@ALL post your questions on the forum, that is open 24/7 , everyone can answer. Do not use a PM

I have installed your new version of pws . . . .Just one tiny cosmetic difference I can see is that the weather-display logo at the bottom left of screen seems to have an error. . . .
That is not a damaged icon. On some servers the rights are not correct and that image-link gets a 403. Can depend on how the zip was uploaded / unpacked. No idea how that sometimes happens.

Use your FTP program or cPanel filemanager and set it to 644 or world or whatever your FTP-program uses. Check some of the other images which are displayed correctly.



I also put my Davis online on PSW Weather, now I wait a few days and then try Aeris.

As a rule, the upload to PSW or then a restart of the wifi logger which caused the classic defolt value with a temperature of -18 etc … not bad, but the ‘history’ page immediately recorded those values. I solved it by loading a story page a few days ago. Before restarting the wifi logger, it is advisable to save the history file

Sorry, will post in the forum. I found the permission was set to 600 on the wdbanner.jpg image file, changed to 644 and working fine, thank you.

Wim, if I’m not using WeatherUnderground is it okay to copy chartsmydata folder over?