PWS_Dashboard April 2020 release Q&A

The April release is ready for download.

Most important changes:

  • Solution for extra weather-sensors/values without changing the current upload files
  • Removal of overlooked proprietary code and icons
  • Addition of Ecowitt “local” protocol until API for Ecowitt will be available
    [li]Addtion of 2 extra forecast to cope with the changes at DarkSky

  • AerisWeather which can be used for those stations uploading to
  • which has a “free-for-everyone” API

[li]A few new small blocks to use extra sensors (soil, temp-hum)
More to be developed when users post the wishes[/li]

I will add more descriptions and the missing translations in the next days.


do you think there will be an api for coming?

It was promised but it seems to take more time then I expected.
But if they want to compete with other .nets then an API is necessary.
I also support the Ecowitt “custom upload” for those users which can not use a local weather-program.


will this api allow download of live data? (like api does via an api key). that will be good as I can then add that to WD and so no need for people to have to use the GW1000 bridge

Hi Wim,

Thanks for the update. I’ve installed the April release and have a couple of issues:

  1. The Currentsky module says “Missing script for 1 hour data”
  2. The Airport link in the Currentsky module is now different than my previous version and when clicked says “invalid data”. I noticed the link to my old is: “metar_popup.php?lang=en-us&script=currentconditionsWD_block.php” and the April version is “metar_aeris_popup.php?lang=en-us&script=ccn_cltraw_block.php”
  3. The AQI still shows Turkey and has not updated to my area. This may be due to update times as I’ve only tested for about 30 minutes.

PWS page address:


Hi Wim,

I am swapping over from WD34 to PWS and I have hit a snag with the Live Data from the clientraw file.

I have clicked the “Live Data Values” using “PWS_module_test.php” and “w34_module_test.php” and got a few mismatches between the data. I have attached text files of the data for you to compare. I first noticed the W34 says the Rain Total for 2020 is 398.5mm, where as the PWS version says the rain total for the year is 198.4mm.

My new template location is and the old site is

All the best,


PWS_module_test.txt (2.79 KB)

w34_module_test.txt (2.29 KB)

Hi Wim,

I think I have just found it, the data is coming from “pwsWD/demodata/extra_sensors.txt”.


Yes, if you are using extra sensors, there are multiple lines for your weather-program to fill them with its data.
You can add your other lines also.
I added the rain values for those users who want ET values.
=> need to develop a block for that
==> and need input from users with ideas about ET

If you do not use extra sensors, you should not select it in easyweathersetup, normally.

But you can use it to override wrong values in history also.

Just play a little with this new feature and lets see if it is useful when and where.


Airport link . . . says “invalid data”.
There seems to be an error in generating the setup when using no Aeris forecast.
I need to check how this can happen
In you case there are (99% sure) 3 lines nearly at the bottom of _my_settings/settings.php

          $metar_popup = true; // used for popup
          $aeris_popup = true;  // used for popup
          $metar_popup = false; // used for popup

They are the opposite of the 2 lines which should be there.

          $metar_popup = true; // used for popup
          $aeris_popup = false;  // used for popup

You should change them manually, not by running easyweather.

The Airport link in the Currentsky module is now different
A lot of links has changed when adding Aeris and other scripts. also a renaming took place to make the names more consistent.

“Missing script for 1 hour data”
In your case, you have no DarkSky and no AerisWeather in your setup.
That will always give that message “Missing script for 1 hour data”.
There is a discussion about this problem PWS_Dashboard How to solve the upcoming problems ** Closed **

Thanks for testing :smiley:
My “lame” excuse is that it takes a lot of time to test all combinations of all weather-programs and data-suppliers.
I was to busy testing all new combinations and assumed everybody used Aeris and did not spent enough for the current combinations, such as clntraw+metar. :oops: :oops:


Please test attached a new version of easyweathersetup. Unzip, rename current version, upload new version, open easyweathersetup, save with green button.
The pop-up should work Ok now. (12.9 KB)

Hi Wim,

I have used the PWS_module_test.php script and proved that the “soil_tmp_mst_small.php” block script is working and showing the correct data, but how do I replace the “earthquake_c_small” block with the “soil_tmp_mst_small.php” block ?

I have five small blocks and I want to replace the earthquake small block with the Soil/Moisture small block.

All the Best,


Hi Dave,

It should be in the easyweathersetup for that position, see attached screenshot



Thanks Wim!

Who provides the free Aeris API-key? PWS weather? Do you need to contact them?


i installed the new version of the template for my station with the API_ WL

I also have several secondary sensors installed
on the template:
Max Wind | Gust = 9.4 km / h ??
Rainfal (yesterday) = 6.5mm ??
these values do not correspond to the station readings …

then sorry but i didn’t quite understand
for example, I would like to display the data of my AUX station
Extra Temp2 ** Extra Humidity2
thank you in advance
good night
best regards



The values all come from the uploads of the station, are recalculated by the cron-jobs.
But you should either move the old _my_settings/history.txt or delete the download one.

then sorry but i didn't quite understand for example, I would like to display the data of my AUX station Extra Temp2 ** Extra Humidity2
?? The popup only shows all data from your WLCOM sensors, sensor 2 is there also.

The extra_tmp_c_small.php block is displayed on the right side of your dashboard.
It has a few lines (starting at line 40) where you can set which sensor to use and the name for the block
Read this =>

thank you in advance good night best regards
Thank you for testing this as you have a station with a lot of sensors,


Start here if you are uploading at least 24 hours to


In the meantime, I really like the new version, so congratulations. I have questions.

I also have the problem of the ‘nearest airport’, I have configured the new template using easyweathersetup step by step like the old version but in this one on the data of the nearest ‘airport’ it puts me that the data is not valid.

I have a Davis with solar and uv sensors so I wanted to use the ‘extra sensor’ page to view the ET. I downloaded the ‘extra sensor’ certella and put it in the pwsWD folder but then I can’t continue. I used the script PWS_module_test.php but then I don’t know where and how to insert the daily, monthly and yearly ET value. , should he then exit the pemperature box by clicking on ‘extra sensors’?

Very nice additional info to the AQI session, but on the ‘full page’ how do I get the location closest to my home?

see bottom of reply 8 for replacement easysetup.php which sorts the airport problem

I just installed this version (keeping the other version), configured easyweather and apparently messed something up.

The whole page doesn’t load and indicates ‘offline’. No menu either.

What do I need to look at?

When debug is switched on it shows an error with the time zone, probably there should be something between new and York ?


I also point out a small graphic anomaly. In the air quality box, the pollutant values ​​leave their box. It is perhaps not very visible on PC but it is much more visible on smartphones and smartTVs

What is the extra sensors voice for? I am using the template by loading my data with and I have a Davis VP2 Plus; can I get ET out on that page?