PSW DashBoard - Iframe file name to change size


Could you please tell me if possible how to resize the Ifame popup?
I have checked image_popup.php, webcam3_c_block.php, webcam.php, featherlight.css, popup_css.css,webcam_popup.php

Thank you
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I checked your popups and the one using imaghepopup → webcam3 → background 100%-100% seems for me the best to use.

There is no easy way you can modify the size for one pop-up

You can adept the css to enlarge the featherlight pop-ups but it will affect all pop-ups.
Modify in PWS_index2.php the part which prints/generates the CSS
Line 292

        .featherlight-content {height: 550px;}


Thank you - I would not have guessed Index2 at all.

As Wim will say “don’t forget if you change the file PWS_index2 change the 1st line to 09” as that will indicate that you have changed the script, and the updates will tell you this