Program not starting

Hi Brian

Every time I try to start WD the inital splash screen appears with the bar moving accross it but everything stops when the bar get to “final setting and station setup.” I instaled version 9.73d over the last one. That didn’t help. Then I tried to uninstall WD and reinstall the new version and again that hasn’t worked.

After I try to start WD and it hangs, I can’t end the program. If I right click on the task bar and pick close I am told that this program is not responding (duh) so I pick end now. After a few moments Microsoft wants me to send them an error report regarding the not responding “For home weather stations”. I click either one and then nothing happens BUT Weather display is still running.

I have tried to end the program using ctr-alt-del and ending the process and that has no effect.


Thanks in advance

Search for WDISPLAY.INI on your system and temporarily rename it to WDISPLAY.INI_hold. Then see if WD will start up. Of course if it does a lot of your settings will be lost.

Thanks for the idea, but I had just searched my entire computer for anything that had to do with WD and renamed them. I downloaded (again) version 9.73d and re-re-re-re-installed :? Now it seems to be running OK.

Is there a way to get my old data back into the program? I kept everything from before, just renamed it.


Still having problems. :?

I have narrowed my problem down. I use zone alarm. If I turn it off, WD seems to be ok. Wth zone alarm on WD locks up when I click on FTP SETUP.

ARRRG. Is it just me or has anyone else had this problem?

Sometimes the program all the sudden shuts off by itself and I dont know why. Might be because I can use more memory.

Do a search and you’ll find a couple of discussions about zone alarm and WD. I think the bottom line was they don’t play well together.

I use Zone alarm PRO on both computers. :smiley: :smiley:
Only time I have had a problem is sometimes I have to update the access settings when there has been a change to the FTP program.
Never heard of Z/A causing the W/D program to fail to open.
8O 8O :o :o

If I turn off my computer for a while or shut WD down to do some disk maintenence, it will start back up but only get so far an stop. I get a program not responding and have to shut down.

The only solution is to reboot the computer or reinstall the last version.

Strange? :roll:

My experience with Zone Alarm Pro on Windows XP is that a new WD download will hang if I’m not quick enough to grant permission. The ZoneAlarm dialog will come up right after starting WD if you have the client/server option enabled and then later for the ftp program it it has changed. If you’re quick enough then WD won’t hang. For some reason if it has to wait too long before getting access to the network it will hang. One way to avoid the problem is to go into ZoneAlarm setup and grant access to the new version of WD BEFORE starting up WD. And don’t forget that you have to shutdown and restart in order for Zone Alarm to “remember” the updated settings.

I used to have ZoneAlarm Pro, but it started to block the ftp uploads for me. So I after I got the new computer, it came with Norton Antivirus, I added the personal firewall too. I get updates for both at the same time.

The problem I am having is if I shut down WD for some reason or another and then start it back up later, it tends not to download my archive data, and hangs.


deleting wdisplay.ini is only part of the settings
the other settings are in the registry

its sounds like you might have it set as a client or server

go to setup, ftp/internet setup, client server and turn that off

I am going to split out the web page setup from that setup, to redfuce the loading time for that setup page…