Program Error Log - what are these that are reported?

just installed the revised 9.90b version. As far as i can tell, the summary.gif etc. problem has been resolved. I checked the program log to make sure no other problems exist and I found these:-

Privileged instruction at 11:25:15 at 04/09/2003

ERROR - Access Violation at address 0040320C in module ‘WeatherD.exe’. Read of address 0000025 at time/date …

ERROR - Access Violation at address 004C004E in module ‘WeatherD.exe’. Read of address FFFFFFFF at date …

ERROR - Invalid pointer operation at time/date …

Sorry Brian, but thought you maybe interested,… then maybe not!

i think it is becuase andy you have evry single file ticked to update each minute under the customise internet and file creation…
and somethings are comflicting
thats why I said to only have those file needed to be update each minute
some the data is simply not going to be updated evry minute anyhow…and is a waste of cpu time…

ie go trhough and only have ticked those file you are most intereseted in for each minute
but i will tick them all and see how many errors i come up with
(and these errors lead to memory leaks, which after a while will mean a program restart is needed

Okay Brian, I will do that and let you know. Thanks.

This is silly!! I unticked all the boxes to the ones I didn’t want, pressed okay, and exit this section to go back to the main screen. I went later back into “customise internet file creation” to find ALL the boxes ticked again!! WHY!

Am I supposed to something else like untick, then “set” then “ok”? If I use and untick the “use the each minute setting”, nothing works … so that needs to be ticked.

Am I suppose to untick the box when you select “set” for the “file update time” and untick that too.

Please explain again where I have gone wrong.