Program Error Log - what are these that are reported? (2)

Brian, I am having the following errors reported:-

ERROR Access violation at address 0040320C in module ‘WeatherD.exe’. Read of address FFFFFFFC at time/date 6:13:12pm 9/7/2003

cannot create file c:\ (folder location) summoonimage.jpg

The same error report applies to - alltimerecords.gif; alltimercordsmonth.gif

Would this be the reason why the minimum soil temperatures altimerecords are incorrect!

Hope you can help yet again Brian.

the first one could be something to do with setting something up that you then have no longer in use, such as a web cam (i.e the web cam drivers are no longer installed), or the weather voice

the other cant create error is when a file is saved and the FTP program is uploading that file to your web site.
can you show me on your web site where the minimum soil temperature is not working

ah, i see now
its not that its not working…
it is there, but it reports 0oC
the most likely cause of that is that the wmr968 only reports the extra sensor data infrequently…and so a default value of zero is assigend before that data arrives (or something like that)
if you reset the minimum soil temperature, under action reset daily extremes, it then will be ok

1 am here
cant sleep
one of the kids is coughing too much…

Okay, done that, but the view Web Page shows 100C whilst the All Time Records monthly and to date still shows soil temperature of 0C. Will this correct itself on next day roll over?

So, I tried another method … nothing to lose, something to gain. I went to Action/reset selected all time values and clicked on the soil low temperatures which appears to have corrected it on the the view all time records as well as the view main page.

After being away a few days, and coming back to WD I now I see that the minimum low soil temperature has fallen back to 0c in alltimerecords.gif and alltimerecordsmonth.gif. I guess the previous correct information was not carried over from the previous day. If I do a reset, all appears to be well until the midnight rollover! I will let you know what happens tomorrow.