Program Crashes

I have my laptop setup to turn off the monitor after 15 min. (no screen saver). When I “wake-up” the machine wdisplay.exe causes the application to crash. This has been happening thru several versions.

When I [b]"wake-up"[/b] the machine wdisplay.exe causes the application to crash.
Is the laptop going into the suspend mode?

Are you sure that all that’s happening is the monitor turning off? I’ve really bad experience with power saving routines messing things up…

Usually on laptops, you can use your FN key + F7 to blank the screen and the system stays alive. I’ve set my power functions to be alive all the time while on A/C. I’m using an IBM portable and this works great and I haven’t had any errors when I bring the screen back. I’d try blanking the screen and let your power saver keep the system alive. Coming back from standby or power save isn’t always ‘friendly’ in some cases. :?

I had the same problem with my PC, I had the computer set to shut off the monitor using the power management function and my WD program was crashing. Brian checked through this and the conclusion was that this appears to be the nature of the beast. I can and do turn my monitor off during the day when I’m not there but the computer is still powering that function.

Thanks for the responses.
The laptop is not going into suspend mode.
Turning the monitor off is the only option selected.
I’ll look into blanking the monitor manually (sounds like my best option).


Does WD crash if WD is running minimized and the screen turns off after 15 min?
How do you connect to the internet? How often?

Can you switch to an external monitor, but without one connected?

In “Setup” I found a setting that switches between “Active” & “Suspend” when the cover is closed on the laptop. I set it to “Active” (which blanks the screen when closed), then set the monitor to never turn off in the screen properties settings. Seems to work fine.