Procedure for Correcting Rainfall totals?


I was wondering if some knows what the procedure for correcting rainfall is?

From what I know there are 2 places that you can correct data, 1 is when bring up the rainfall chart. I have used this to correct a previous day and then correct that same month. However this does not update the ‘yesterday rainfall’ on the main screen of WD. However is does correct the month total. This then flows on to WDL only for the past 7 days charts not the past 31 days…

Any help in understanding this would great as some data changes in one place and others in another, if you know the exact procedure that will correct all the data that would be great! :slight_smile:

Does this FAQ help?

Hi, I tried this (3 times), can’t get it to change any rainfall total.

assistance appreciated.

I also find this doesnt always work, I have found that you can only change a setting for a previous day not the current one…

Also it doesnt seem to change the yearly total.

it works for me
if you cant get it to work then .zip and email me your logfile, e.g 112007lg.txt, and I will fix it for you
(and also tell me what days to correct to what amount)


Sent you an email with relevant info.


I was able to correct your rain fall data

first thing: its the data files that WD uses
so, since you sent me the logfiles, I converted those to data files
then, I simply went to view, averages/extremes, correct the data
then I clicked on load the graph data file
then I entered the needed value for the day to correct, (e.g enter 0.0) and then clikeded on use corrected amount
and then repeated for the other days to correct
and then I clicked on save changes
and then OK, top right
and then I clicked on update whole month now to see that it had updated OK

this is all shown in the FAQ that Niko posted
If I can do it, then you can