Problems with Zone Alarm Suite?

Any one know of any problems with running WD with Zone Alarm Suite?

oh, yes, the watch dog problem, i need to look into /test/fix that

now, i use zone alarm pro and wd…its great
no problems
i cant remember the last time wd crashed on me

i do know i had locks up with the free version of zone alarm on windows 2000
the pro version fixed that
i do know about the suite version though
i have been using an older version of zone alarm pro
i see there is an update…grabbing that now, so then i will know how that goes


i see i have to pay for a update…

i just upgraded ZA to 5.1

had lots of problems!

locks ups, WD would crash, etc
vsmon.exe was using 98% cpu
but the solution:
go to firewall
then internet security zone, the customise
then I had to tick yes to all the allow options
then click on apply
try that

I have free ZA running on 3 W2K + WD systems with no problems.

I have to run Pro because WD is running on a server and I have to be able to open ports to let the server work.
Could you explain that a bit?