Problems with Version 9.85e

Have been running WD for over 1 year on this Windows XP pro system. Had 9.85e running for two days but this morning (5:42am) the system rebooted and when restarted WD locked. I have rebooted many times… But have the same results… WD starts normally and will run for 20 to 45 seconds then stops. After about 10 seconds the control bar at the top (Exit Setup Action and so on) goes from gray to white and is blank (all words gone). Then nothing works. Looks like the program is starting to do something (maybe writting or reading a file) and locks up.

Pentium 1.6ghz 512 megs memory, 120Ghz HDD

Have stopped all other programs running and have the same results. I have also tried replacing all the files in the databackup zip file (back up file dated 8-03 11:55pm…) with the same results. All other programs seem to run fine except WD now. I have also tried to reinstall V9.85e but get the same results. Sure could use some help…

Forgot to mention that the weather station is a Ultimeter 2000 with Hum, temp, wind, and 2nd hum, & temp sensors added.

Just downloaded 9.85e again and installed… The program ran correctly for 45 seconds. Then locked up again. I have noticed that the red 'LED’s just to the right of Max and Min Temp. turn to red when the program locks. Not sure if this means anything but notice it last night also.

WXNOW.TXT is not getting updated but may not have time to before locking.

sounds like a file has got corrupted
especialy if it is doing it at the minute change
try backing up then deleting the file latest.inf from the folder datafiles (exit wd first) then start wd again
and ior go to action, import log files, convert wd log files to graphs…

and or email me your wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt

Thanks for the reply Brian. I will send you my wdisplay.ini file but I was able to get the program running by going back to version 9.84d… I did nothing else and it started running without freezing.

I had tried (with 9.85e) replacing all the files in the files created by WD… Did not help…

After this I rebooted and tried 9.85e again and the program again froze in about 27 seconds (normally will freeze in 18 to 56 seconds)… Then I used Ctrl-Alt-Del and did an End-Task to stop WD version 9.85e… I then installed Version 9.84d and the program started without freezing. Now running for 15 minutes… It does look like 9.85e is looking to do something very quickly after starting and can’t… but 9.84d does not seem to have the problem. I think I have a version between these two and will try it next. Will let you know the results. This freezing problem did not start until version 9.85e… But it ran for a 2 days (I think) before freezing the first time.

is it freezing before or after the first data arrives?
does it freeze as soon as the clock changes to the next minute?

I sent my backup files to your email address.
I installed the closest prior version I could find (9.85c) and it does not freeze.
I will install 9.85e and see if it freezes at the minute change, I did not notice… But I do know it never lasted longer than 59 seconds so that might be the case.
Also want to restate that the red 'LED’s for Max and Min Temp come on just as it freezes… everytime.
Will report back with 9.85e results.

Well this is not helping…
Reinstalled 9.85e and it did not freeze at the minute change 10.34-10.35pm… It did not freeze at all…
I let it run for 10 minutes and shutdown the program and rebooted.

At startup:
WD started and ran normally… I will keep 9.85e running and report back on what happens.

ok, with your settings/data, it freezes for me right on the minute change

even running in the compiler,
i will investigate

its the wdisplay.ini file
some setting in that
deleting that file and starting with a new one, as a test, fixes it
i gotta run in 5 minutes…let me quikcly try

well, i deleted the ini file, went past the minute OK
then i reset back the original ini file, and it sent past the minute ok too
so it fixed it self

This morning the program had stopped running (9.85e) I restarted it and it froze at the minute crossover. I installed 9.85c and it did the same thing. I then installed 9.84c and it ran fine… I did not change anything concerning wdisplay.ini. I have to leave for work but will check it on my return.

ahh haaa
i have found and fixed it
it was the pad the data after restart option, under setup, general and misc…
if there was more than 12 hours to pad it out, it would try to pad data out beyond the default 12 hour graph size, and would then get into a loop

uploading 9.86 now which fixes this

With the problem mentioned above that started with Version 9.85 I have not abeen able to run WD on my XP system… I took all the data files and moved them to a Win98 2nd Ed computer. All has been working with the same data files that did not work on the XP system. I keep the XP system running but have to run V9.84C (which is the latest version I have that works with these data files)

I use the client/server function to send the current data from the Win98 system to the XP system to keep the data files current.

I have been continually trying new versions on both computers. The Win98 system continually works with the latest versions but the XP system will either lock up at the start of a new minute or will work until around 12PM and lock up or shutdown. I then have to reinstall V9.84C on the XP system to keep it working.

V9.91 is the first version that is working on the XP system since 9.85… I have been running V9.91 since its release. I am going to download the latest update V9.91b now and hope all will continue to run on the XP system…

i have created a monstor!
its alive!
sorry its been such a prain for you :frowning:

I suspect that Microsoft created the monster! They named it XP.

Jim (another XP user)

I have to agree… I have a couple of Linux systems running here so the Linux WD is looking tempting… I was really hoping that XP would solve some of the Win98 problems and it did – some – but created others…

I am sure Brian wouldn’t mind a few other people using WD linux! Just a few now, but hopefully it will continue to grow.