Problems with log file after exiting WD and starting again

Lately I have had problems with log files every time I exit WD and start it a little later. I have had this problem for a while now, and I can’t remember that this was a problem previously?

I enclose the file from right now. I exited WD 17:28 and started again 18:55. The file includes records from around the stop and start.
First you see that 18:55 comes right after 17:28 before continuing with 17:31. Then it was fine until 18:18 where it suddenly goes back to 18:15 and from that point shows 5 identical records every 5 minutes until I start again.
I have a Davis VP2 and WD 10.37S B44
Any ideas?

l.txt (3.11 KB)

Right now I had to exit WD to upgrade Windows, and similar things happened again. See attached file. Wrong records are inserted both when the break starts and ends. And I can’t find any way to fix it. If I stop WD to edit the log file, a new similar problem appears when I start WD again. I’m worried about this. Do other users see the same thing?
I also upgraded to B45 before starting WD again this time.

l.txt (893 Bytes)

Are anybody else seeing this problem? I can’t see how to avoid that my log files are getting corrupted!

Hi, are shutting down WD the right way i.e. top left corner “Exit” then “save & exit”.


Yes, I am! If I look at the log files after exiting, the end of the files are correct. The problem happens when I start WD again .

Two things:

  1. Is time in sync between your weather station console and PC?

  2. WD - Select Control Panel, then open data logger. Check to see if it is set for 1 minute intervals.

I have not thought about checking the time on the console. It’s been years since I did that. When I checked it now I saw that it was 8 minutes too fast. I corrected it now. Do you think that may have caused the problem with the log files?

The log interval is set to 1 minute.

I will check the log file again after a break and see if it’s better now.

have you just changed day light saving maybe?

Yes, that was March 26. Do I have to do anything with that? Both the Davis console and the PC changes automatically. I have never done anything previously when changing to or from DST.

I know that the PC changed correctly. I did not check the console time, but I noticed that the sunrise and sunset on the console was one hour later (correct) the first day with DST.

I fixed the console clock yesterday, so it it shows the same as the PC clock. Right now I shut down WD for 20 minutes, 9:38 to 9:58. And the log file is once again corrupted. See attached file.
Do I have to do anything because of change to DST, like Brian said? Any other ideas to fix this?

l.txt (2.42 KB)

The first thing I would do is perform a master reset on the datalogger. Power down the console and remove batteries. Then remove the datalogger for 15 minutes. Then put everything back together. My guess is the memory in the datalogger is out of sync.

Now it seems to be working again… It has been out of sync every time I have started WD the last couple of weeks. I don’t understand! But I’m OK as long it’s working again!