Problems with generating clientraw.txt files

I have recently been trying to use stationless mode with WD, which I was advised to do by Brian Hamilton. He says that the correct method of sending data to WD used in that format is to use clientraw.txt files. Having two computers on my station, I have one computer connected to my system by means of WD set to universal/WM918/wx200 mode, with my own interface generating a file datain38.ini from the weather station. There are some disadvantages of using this arrangement, so I ultimately want to change to stationless. This first computer already generates its own clientraw.txt etc. files, and I set up the 2nd computer to receive this file in the stationless client setting of WD. This works fine, and the WD display on both computers are the same.

However the long term aim is to generate the clientraw.txt file in my own interface, so I set up the #1 computer to produce its own clientraw.txt file (without using WD to do it) and set up computer #2 to receive it, this being a test before switching everything over to this mode. Unfortunately, it does not work correctly with this arrangement. Although the wind direction, wind gust speed, solar, barometer, temperature and humidity all work correctly, there is something wrong with the average wind speed which slowly rises to a too high value on the WD screen. The maximum average speed shoots up to approx 10 times the correct value and stays there. (for example 139mph). Also the rainfall seems to register approx 10 times the correct value.

I have checked my home made clientraw.txt file against WD produced ones, and it is in exactly the same format as the WD produced version. However there are some parameters which are different, for example the wind speed for the last 10 minute samples are not set correctly, as to create these requires extra work, and WD has to do something! I generally set all these samples to zero.

I have struggled with this problem for over a week now, and see no easy method of resolution. If I take a WD produced clientraw.txt file, and get my interface to generate that one file continuously, then it works OK, indicating that there is nothing wrong with my interface program. (Of course the data displayed remains at the one set of values determined by the content of that particular clientraw.txt file). What I need to know is, when using clientraw.txt as an input to WD, what parameters are required, and what can be ignored? It does seem as though perhaps the 1 to 10 minute samples are required also, but there is no easy way of finding out if they are important.

I hope someone can help me with this hard to resolve problem. I have copied my home produced clientraw.txt in case anyone can spot what is wrong with it.


Copy of clientraw.txt (675 Bytes)

I moved this thread because I really don’t see how this could in any way be considered a bug in WD.

Thanks, Niko, you were quite right, I did not intend this to indicate I thought there was a bug in WD. I just hoped that someone out there will have tried to generate their own clientraw.txt files and might have come up against similar problems. There must be a solution, but what is it?

Problem solved; this problem was caused by formatting statements in Visual Basic; they were trying to write too many decimal places to the file, with apparently unpredictable results. Setting the format statements to more restricted numbers of decimal places has solved the problem.

Good job, well done!