Problems with Com port (La Crosse W2310)

Hi from France,
I’m just a newbie for using Weather Display…
I’m trying the software, before eventually buy it.
I have a La Crosse W2310 weather station connected on port COM 1.
I use the software “HeavyWeather” which is given with the station.
So I know that my station is well connected on PC.

But, Weather Display doesn’t recognize the station.
In the top bar, COM OK is shown, but the LED of the signal stills red…
No Data come from the station.

Can anybody tells me what is wrong ??
Have I forgotten some sets (sure, I forgot something… :slight_smile: )…
Thanks in advance for help

:?: Do you have HeavyWeather running when you start to run Weather Display? You cannot run both at the same time.

Yes I had both softwares opened.
But since I wrote my question, I’ve closed Heavyweather software, and everything seems to work well.

Thanks for the help :smiley: