Problems with 24, 48 and 72 hour graph

Brian, for some time now, the 24, 48 and 72 hour graph does not appear to be updating properly. Yes, the date stamp is correct as well as the date indicated on the graph, but the actual content of the plots has remained the same since the beginning of the month, and the one shown was from last month!

Have a look at as this has been the same (as well as 48 and 72 hour graph) since the beginning of the month. I just can’t understand why todays graph does not become yesterdays etc, etc as the day rolls over.

soemthing strange there
(its ok for me)
any errors under view program error log?
(copy and paste here)

No Brian, nothing untoward with the program error report, apart from a remark saying that it couldn’t create the sunmoonimage.jpg, but that would not be the cause.

anyone else seeeing this?
try converting the log file to graphs:
action, import log files, convert wd logfiles to graphs…
to reset them
(and choose 92003lg.txt)

That has now cleared it, but I will keep you informed on it progress to see how it goes over the next 72 hours, as it should automatically update on each new day rollover.

Although the graph reset okay, I still don’t think that the files are updating each day.

Sorry Brian, they definately are not.

Have a look at and compare them. Today’s weather is fine, it is 24 hours onwards that are not updating --------- in fact it looks like the graphs are plotting on the same axis instead of the graph scrolling from right to left.

Have a look and I hope you will see what I mean.

i dont know why its not working for you andy
its OK for me, and 99% of everyone else by the looks
but I have 1 other person with this problem …and they too are using the customise internet file creation and have 1 minute file updating

this problem occured for me a couple months ago.
i could only think it was the webcam setup, i could be wrong,
the problem is in in your wdisplayftp.ini file
i highly recommend saving the reg file every time you do a change. every time a different file name.
Do you have an old reg file ?

Good luck


I have a very old reg file, but alas not a recent one. I have kept the WDisplay.ini files on each update. This problem has only started recently from a few version upgrades back, so don’t know what has triggered it.

andy , send me your configuration files, and i will try and duplicate
(wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.ini from the regisry)